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    TRAILER: Amazing Spider-Man 2 teases Time Square battle

    Once again, New York City is set for a superhero showdown. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , the web-slinger has his hands full with...
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    New Romeo & Juliet trailer teases a deadly love story

    Relativity Media has finally delivered a trailer for Romeo & Juliet , the highly anticipated retelling of the classic love story....
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    Turbo : Trailer, cast and more

    DreamWorks Animation is revving up for Turbo . It's a new feature film starring Ryan Reynolds as a snail with the need for speed.
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    One new DVD turns "soy sauce" into mind-warping drug

    A new DVD called John Dies at the End tells the strange story of a futuristic drug that does more than alter consciousness — it...
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    Amazing Spider-Man sequel adds another villain

    It seems like everyone wants to be in a superhero movie. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 just cast an Oscar nominee in a major role. This...
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    New Glee stills leaked: Hugh Jackman and other singing stars we hope show up

    The leaked stills from Season 4 of Glee have us on pins and needles ... but which famous faces will join the Glee gang this...
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    Cosmopolis review: Asymmetric prostate as metaphor?

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    With the help of Robert Pattinson, director David Cronenberg tackles financial collapse along with the meaning of human connection...
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    Movie review: George Clooney pulls the strings behind The Ides of March

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    Writer/director George Clooney takes betrayal to a new level in his dark and edgy political thriller The Ides of March, starring...
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    Redbox DVD/Blu-Ray Report: Hard Luck Weekend

    The weekend of August 26, 2011 isn't packed with blockbuster DVD/ Blu-Ray new releases at Redbox, Netflix and OnDemand. There's...
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    Ryan Gosling and George Clooney star in The Ides of March trailer

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    Ryan Gosling is having a heck of a year! The first trailer for his upcoming film The Ides of March has hit the net and it’s as...
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    Paul Giamatti and Rosamund Pike explore Barney’s Version

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    Barney’s Version hits screens with star Paul Giamatti as the titular character. Barney is a complicated character and in the hands...