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    Battle of the flicks: R.I.P.D. vs. The Conjuring

    This week, two paranormally active movies open against each other in a battle for human souls. One is a classic haunted house...
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    The Conjuring movie review: Got demons?

    Menacing doll: check. Sinister antique music box: check. House built in the 1700s: check. Creepy walled off cellar: check. Five...
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    The Conjuring : Trailer, cast and more

    Despite the summer's kiddie fare, a supernatural thriller has slipped through the cracks. The Conjuring is the terrifying tale of...
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    The Conjuring trailer debuts

    The eerie flick is bound to scare up a large audience this summer.
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    Katherine Heigl and Patrick Wilson to star in dark comedy

    While there's nothing hellish about these "easy on the eyes" actors sharing the screen, the same can't be said about their on-screen...
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    Horror movie fanatics will be thrilled by The Conjuring

    Check out this suspenseful clip from the newest horror film to haunt theaters this summer. Good luck sleeping!
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    Movie review: Young Adult

    Charlize Theron shows us how nothing turned out quite right for the most popular girl in high school in the quirky comedy Young...
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    Three new clips of Diablo Cody rom-com Young Adult

    Charlize Theron plays a drunk, self-absorbed fiction writer who returns to her hometown to try to woo her now married ex-boyfriend....
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    Trailer premiere for Jason Reitman's Young Adult

    The creative minds behind 2007's Juno have another hit on their hands and it's called Young Adult . Charlize Theron headlines the...
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    Liv Tyler is getting naked again in a new movie

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    Now that sexy actress Liv Tyler is a mom, she hasn't done a sex scene in 15 years. But in her new movie, she's taking it all off all...
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    The Lincoln Lawyer preview: Inside Matthew McConaughey's legal thriller

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    The Lincoln Lawyer has seemingly popped up out of nowhere. So what is it all about?
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    The cast of Morning Glory talks shop

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    Morning Glory , the new romantic comedy starring Harrison Ford, Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, Patrick Wilson and Jeff Goldblum,...