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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Patrick Swayze's widow, Lisa Niemi, finds love again

    Love is just as sweet the second time around! Patrick Swayze's longtime love, Lisa Niemi, is engaged.
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    Patrick Swayze's mom Patsy Swayze dies at 86

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    Beloved dance teacher and mother to actor Patrick Swayze, Patsy Swayze passed away on Monday night. Her legacy lives on in movies...
  3. Movies

    Exclusive women of Red Dawn clip

    When North Korea invades small-town America, a group of teens must fight to save what's left of their roots. Luckily, they've got...
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    Kirstie Alley reveals 'secret relationship' with Patrick Swayze

    It seemed as if the actress was happily married for 14 years, but it turns out she loved a few men over that time. And at least two...
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Patrick Swayze's widow finds love again

    Lisa Niemi was married to Patrick Swayze for 34 years. But now, three years after his death, she has finally found new love.
  6. Entertainment

    Jennifer Grey: Dirty Dancing turns 25

    Dirty Dancing is one of those cult classics that defies time and space. As long as there are rectangles that we stare into for...
  7. Movies

    5 Reasons to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Dirty Dancing

    Today marks the 25th anniversary of Dirty Dancing . Hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey...
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Patrick Swayze's wife recreates Dirty Dancing scene in wax

    Two years after Patrick Swayze's death, his widow Lisa Niemi revealed a wax figure at Madame Tussauds, immortalizing her husband's...
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    6 Movies' romantics we will never stop swooning over

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    From Jake Ryan to Lloyd Dobler, and even sparkly vampire dreamboat Edward Cullen, we are swooning in a major way. But these aren't...
  10. Movies

    Kenny Wormald to replace Patrick Swayze in the Dirty Dancing remake?

    When Lionsgate announced a remake of the hit film Dirty Dancing , reaction ranged from outrage to...well, more outrage. We're...
  11. Movies

    What does Baby (er, Jennifer Grey) think of Dirty Dancing remake?

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    What does Jennifer Grey think of a Dirty Dancing remake? Fans took to Twitter to share their doubt that a remake could be as good...
  12. Movies

    Kenny Ortega returns to Dirty Dancing roots for remake

    Kenny Ortega had the time of his life in 1987 when he choreographed the cult classic, Dirty Dancing . Now the...
  13. Television

    Jennifer Grey steals the floor on Dancing with the Stars

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    Jennifer Grey's Dancing with the Stars debut performance brought back cherished memories of Dirty Dancing . Is she genuinely...
  14. Television

    Jennifer Grey makes an emotional debut on DWTS

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    Jennifer Grey made an emotional debut on Dancing With the Stars .
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    Celebrity deaths 2009: A very bad year

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    In 2009 celebrity death dominated the headlines. Sure, our celebrated performers always pass as the years go by, but in 2009...
  16. Television

    Patrick Swayze's widow visits Oprah

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    Patrick Swayze's death on September 14 left the world reeling. Now, his wife Lisa Niemi is ready to open up about how she survived...
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    Patrick Swayze funeral plans

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    Patrick Swayze will be cremated before a star-studded funeral, according to reports.
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    Patrick Swayze dies at 57

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    Patrick Swayze has died after succumbing to pancreatic cancer. He was just 57.