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    Katherine Jackson's on the hook for AEG Live's court costs

    Michael Jackson has been dead for nearly five years now, but the lawsuits surrounding his death continue. And now his mother...
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    Debbie Rowe is fighting for custody of Michael Jackson's kids

    Prince and Paris Jackson's lives have been somewhat up in the air since the death of their dad, and now their mom wants to be a part...
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    Paris Jackson enjoys quality time with her mother in Hawaii

    Paris Jackson is on her road to recovery and was granted some time away from her school to enjoy a family holiday in Hawaii.
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    Paris Jackson "doing much better," says grandmother

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    Paris Jackson is doing much better after her failed suicide attempt earlier this summer, her grandmother revealed.
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    Paris Jackson leaves hospital after suicide attempt

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    Paris Jackson has left the hospital after being committed for having cut her wrists with a kitchen knife and taking as many as 20...
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    Heartfelt notes from Michael Jackson and his children

    The Jackson family gets handwritten notes from Michael Jackson and his children admitted into evidence in the AEG trial.
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    4 Years after Michael Jackson's death: How are his children?

    Four years after Michael Jackson's death, we take a look at each of his children to see how Prince, Paris and Blanket are doing today.
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    Paris Jackson says longtime nanny was sneaky and fanatical

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    New testimony from Paris Jacksons reveals a bombshell, insider secret regarding the family's longtime nanny, Grace Rwaramba.
  9. Entertainment

    Celebs weigh in: What's your favorite memory with your dad?

    Father's Day marks a time devoted entirely to the men in our lives who raised us... who, through a lifetime of memories, molded us...
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    Jackson family against Paris living with Debbie Rowe

    The Jackson family plans to fight Debbie Rowe for guardianship of Paris Jackson, but Rowe has shown no signs of fighting them back....
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    Paris Jackson: Family feuds before suicide attempt

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    Paris Jackson is suffering from a deep depression brought on by family strife and a huge rift with her closest confidante: her brother.
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    Paris Jackson receives delusional call from Conrad Murray

    Days before the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, Paris Jackson receives a totally bizarre message from Conrad Murray after...
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    Paris Jackson "doesn't feel loved"

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    Paris Jackson's suicide attempt goes far beyond normal teenage angst. A source reveals the inner turmoil of the teen who seems to...
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    Paris Jackson hospitalized for possible suicide attempt

    Paris Jackson was hospitalized early Wednesday morning after paramedics responded to a "possible overdose" at her Calabasas home.
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    Bon Jovi calls Bieber an a-hole, joins list of celeb unBeliebers

    This is just getting sad. A cute kid hits phenomenal success with his catchy teen beats then systematically derails in public. You...
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    Is Paris Jackson dumping Katherine Jackson for her bio mom?

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    Paris Jackson is having trouble at home with grandmother and guardian Katherine Jackson, sources say, and she's considering a big...
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    Prince Jackson not really into mom Debbie Rowe

    Paris Jackson has reportedly been spending a lot of time with birth mom Debbie Rowe. Her brother Prince Jackson, not so much.
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    Paris Jackson reveals she wants to be a heart surgeon

    Paris Jackson was forced to grow up quickly when she lost her father at a young age, and now all she wants in her life is just to...
  19. Fashion & Style

    Will Paris Jackson become an NFL cheerleader?

    Paris Jackson: NFL cheerleader? One cheer coach wants Michael Jackson's daughter to join her squad!
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    NFL cheerleading squad wants Paris Jackson to audition

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    Paris Jackson, having a normal-looking teenager-hood at her California prep school, catches the eye of an NFL cheer squad.