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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Paris Hilton's adorable puppy gets a name and a Twitter page

    The world had a cuteness overload when Paris Hilton shared pictures of the new love in her life, the smallest Pomeranian puppy in...
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    Want to name Paris Hilton's new puppy?

    Paris Hilton's new man is far from her usual type — he's short, covered in fluffy white hair and without a six-pack ab to be found.
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    Paris Hilton gets asked on a date by a homeless man

    It looks as though Miley Cyrus is not the only celeb who's going to have a date with a homeless man, because a homeless man with...
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Paris Hilton's brother Conrad Hilton hurt in a car crash

    Paris Hilton's younger brother Conrad Hilton was involved in a car crash near Palm Springs, California, over the weekend.
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    PHOTO: Paris Hilton and Kim K are BFFs again

    Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have put their past issues behind them and reunited, six years later.
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    Paris Hilton and Hannah Ferguson team up for Carl's Jr. ad

    You're about to get really, really hungry for a hamburger after watching Paris Hilton and Hannah Ferguson's new TV ad for Carl's Jr.
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    Oh, poor Paris Hilton: Her sex tape left her unable to trust

    It's not often that poor and Paris Hilton are found in the same sentence, but the heiress has revealed she is unable to trust people...
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    5 Reasons Paris Hilton's new video is awesomely bad

    Paris Hilton recently teamed up with Young Money Cash Money Billionaires and her new single, "Come Alive," dropped last Tuesday....
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    Celebrity words and phrases that went viral

    Every once and again, celebrities pop off with a word or phrase that everyone latches onto. Sometimes they're catchy, sometimes they...
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    Celebrity sex tapes: A complete list

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    The cautionary tales of celebs caught in sex tape scandals aren't deterring Hollywood's fetish for amateur boudoir videography,...
  11. Fashion & Style

    Celebrity trendspotting at the Coachella Music Festival

    We went backstage at the chicest parties of the Coachella Music Festival to give you a peek at the weekend's hottest celebrity styles.
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    Kelly Osbourne reignites old feud with Paris Hilton

    Kelly Osbourne and Paris Hilton reignite their old feud after an awkward run-in at the Coachella music festival.
  13. Hair

    Celeb Hairstyle of the Week: Paris Hilton

    We have a total crush on Paris Hilton's chic 'do. Find out why in this week's installment of Celeb Hairstyle of the Week!
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    Celebrities who took "forever" out of BFF

    You'd be hard pressed to find a more fickle best-friends-today-gone-tomorrow place than Tinseltown. Here are a few of the more...
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    Social media quakes with celeb reactions to early tremor

    Most of greater Los Angeles awoke to the earth shaking this morning, and everyone wanted to talk about it on social media. How did...
  16. Music

    Paris Hilton: The surprise best-dressed star at the 2014 Grammys

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    Typically, we think of Grammy Awards style as pure rock 'n' roll, but this year, it's all about the glamour. "The Grammys are the...
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    Nicole Richie on motherhood and former BFF Paris Hilton

    Nicole Richie is a bona fide renaissance woman. She's gone from party girl to working mom and fashionista.
  18. Music

    Here's your chance to spend NYE with Paris Hilton

    Rock out with Paris!
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    Barron Hilton's alleged attacker tells his side of the story

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    The man accused of assaulting Paris Hilton's little brother is telling his side of the story — and none of it includes Lindsay Lohan.
  20. Celebrity Gossip

    Did Lindsay Lohan order an attack on Barron Hilton?

    Barron Hilton was attacked at a party on Friday and the hotel heir was in the hospital for his injuries. However, his attacker has...