1. Tips & Advice

    6 Ways to tell if your kids are stressed out

    Even tots can get tense, but moms and dads who manage their own stress well can help their kids stay on an even keel.
  2. Super Moms Guide

    Real moms dish on how to choose fun activities for their daughters

    There are a million kid activities out there, so how do you know which one is right for your daughter? These real moms dish on how...
  3. School & Education

    Mommalogues: Should preschool be mandatory?

    Preschool is a hot topic for many parents. So SheKnows asked: Should preschool be mandatory?
  4. K-12

    Mommalogues: Should sex education teach kids that sex is about pleasure?

    Some have suggested that sex education misses the mark by not teaching kids that sex is pleasurable. Find out what our Mommaloguers...
  5. Baby

    Learn how to make easy DIY burp cloths

    This simple video tutorial lets you customize your baby's burp cloths.
  6. Baby

    Is vegan parenting child abuse?

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    Veganism is commonly associated with rigorous health or personal beliefs. It's a strict regime — but is it child abuse?
  7. Parenting

    Mommalogues: What celebrity moms do you admire?

    Watch as our mommaloguers share which celeb moms they most admire.
  8. Parenting

    Dad's actions and health affect the baby, too

    Everything he does during the pregnancy affects the health of the mother and in turn their unborn child.
  9. Toys and Play

    8 Board games to play with your kindergartner

    Family game night is a lot more fun with these simple, mom-tested board games everyone will love to play again and again.
  10. Parenting

    The most touching daddy-daughter dance you'll ever see

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    McKenzie Michelle Carey has been performing in pageants for most of her young life, despite the inability to speak or use her legs....
  11. Tips & Advice

    These simple habits can prevent kids dying in hot cars

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    Even on mild summer days, the interior of a car may exceed over 120 degrees. A child left in a hot car can die in minutes.
  12. Tips & Advice

    Biological fathers denied legal parenthood of their children

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    OK, let's get one thing straight here — this is not an opinion piece on gay marriage.
  13. Tips & Advice

    How to deal when your husband's always on the road

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    When a spouse travels for work, much of the parenting falls on the partner left behind. This can be challenging for both parents and...
  14. Mommy Style

    Cute ways to match outfits with your kid

    "Mommy and me" fashion doesn't have to be cheesy. Parents and kids can match in a way that's chic and fashionable for all parties...
  15. Tips & Advice

    Helping children cope when a sibling has special needs

    When one of your children has special needs, giving his or her siblings extra love and understanding helps maintain a happy home.
  16. Tips & Advice

    Bulletproof blankets aren't a crazy idea

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    On average, a shooting in or near a school is happening once every five weeks. I no longer believe my kids are immune to violence in...