1. Television

    Parenthood recap: Bravermans keep on rowing

    Dangit, Parenthood ! Why are you so cruel? Why can't anything ever go properly?
  2. Television

    Sneak peek: An all new Parenthood for the new year

    Sweet! Parenthood is the first show to return after the holiday TV break. However, it looks like another tearjerker.
  3. Television

    Parenthood recap: Coming together and splitting apart

    Time to catch up with the Bravermans. Here's what happened on this week's episode of Parenthood .
  4. Television

    A sneak peek at Parenthood 's Christmas episode

    Don't expect a Christmas miracle on Parenthood . It looks like another rough week ahead for the Bravermans.
  5. Television

    Parenthood recap: Trouble in Candyland

    There was a brand-new Parenthood last night. Read on to hear about that pesky neighbor, a break-up, and the long awaited appearance...
  6. Television

    Parenthood recap: A disappointing lack of Glen Hansard

    This week's Parenthood was missing two very important things: Resolution and Glen Hansard. It's a toss-up as to which has us more...
  7. Television

    Parenthood : The Luncheonette's very special visitor!

    Who knew The Luncheonette would draw such lofty visitors? Guess which Irish boy is stopping by this week: Glen Hansard!
  8. Television

    Parenthood recap: One more weekend with you

    The past couple episodes of Parenthood have relied heavily on Adam, Kristina, Amber and Ryan. This week, though, the show spent more...
  9. Television

    New Parenthood preview: Puff, puff, pass?

    So much happens on every episode of Parenthood . After all, there's a lot to keep track of with Camille and Zeek's four Braverman...
  10. Television

    Parenthood recap: Together

    The battle continues on Parenthood. So do broken hearts, true love, and the wonders of adoptive parenting.
  11. Parenting Advice & Columns

    Are you sure you’re done having kids?

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    Having children is one of the most intimate and personal things possible. But somehow family planning has become a topic open for...
  12. Television

    Parenthood recap: I'll wait right here

    On this week's Parenthood: The Bravermans continue to deal with Christina's breast cancer, Max runs for president, Sarah & Drew...
  13. Mom & Dad

    Mom and Dad need a break — on a budget

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    We love spending family time with our kiddos. But Mom and Dad need some adult time too. Without making an elaborate event out of...
  14. Television

    Parenthood sneak peek: More tears ahead

    Tension continues to mount for Parenthood's Braverman clan, as the siblings struggle with health, family and relationship issues....
  15. Television

    Parenthood hints at cheating and battles cancer

    This season of Parenthood is turning out to be a tearjerker. Haddie's off to college, a relationship may soon be ending and one...
  16. Family Fun

    Midnight feedings: Best ways to pass the time

    This stage in life doesn't last long. For some babies, middle-of-the-night feedings may stop after three months, while others may...
  17. Television

    Paul McDonald, Ray Romano join Parenthood for Season 4

    With smart writing and some terrific character development, Parenthood has grown to be a favorite over the past few years. Season...
  18. Television

    NBC says yes to Community, Parenthood and 30 Rock

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    Community is no longer on the bubble. The NBC comedy has been renewed for a fourth season, along with Parenthood and 30 Rock ....
  19. Books

    SheKnows book review: The Good Father by Noah Hawley

    The Good Father is a beautifully devastating account of parenting and defending a child you no longer know.