1. Tips & Advice

    A grieving mom describes life after SIDS

    One mom gives us an inside look at the journey she and her husband have been on since the death of their son eight months ago.
  2. Tips & Advice

    Biological fathers denied legal parenthood of their children

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    OK, let's get one thing straight here — this is not an opinion piece on gay marriage.
  3. Tips & Advice

    Why we adopted children with special needs

    One couple's journey from infertility to adopting six kids the foster care system said would never find a family.
  4. Super Moms Guide

    What moms really think when cleaning up kid messes

    Real life isn't like those commercials where the kid spills his cereal everywhere and the mother acts briefly exasperated and then...
  5. Tips & Advice

    Good parenting advice you didn't ask for

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    Unsolicited parenting advice can really get on your last frayed nerve, but sometimes that butting in can be the single important...
  6. Tips & Advice

    Debunking the myths of boyhood

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    I often hear first-time parents say that babies should be sent home with an instruction manual. Never has this been truer than for...
  7. Television

    Is Parenthood 's Amber seeking answers from her father?

    Another familiar face, and one of Sarah's exes, will be returning to Parenthood for a short stint. We try to guess why.
  8. Television

    Parenthood brings back Jason Ritter

    Jason Ritter is bringing the character of Mark Cyr back to Parenthood , but will he run into Sarah or someone else in town?
  9. Television

    Parenthood in crisis: Low ratings and rocky marriages

    The marriages on Parenthood have faced many bumps in the road, but Season 5 might prove to be the biggest test yet for our...
  10. School & Education

    How to partner with your child's teacher

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    Studies show that parental or familial involvement in a child’s education can make a significant impact on that child’s success in...
  11. Baby Names

    Baby names from Parenthood

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    Parenthood returns to your television Thursday nights on NBC beginning September 26 — and what better way to pay homage to your...
  12. Television

    8 TV families we'd like to join

    There are plenty of dysfunctional families on television, but what about the more normal ones?
  13. Television

    Parenthood spoilers: Season 5 is all about keeping it real

    The cast and creators of Parenthood share spoilers about the show's upcoming fifth season, plus how they keep the show realistic,...
  14. Television

    Woohoo! Ray Romano will return to Parenthood

    Ray's back. But how will the happy Parenthood reunion go down? And how will it affect the rest of the clan?
  15. Love & Sex

    Child-free by choice: Real women who say no to kids

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    Deciding whether or not to be a parent is a personal choice only you can make. We asked real women to share their stories on why...
  16. Television

    NBC renews Revolution , Parenthood and more

    NBC renews their five biggest dramas — fans rejoice.
  17. Books

    Fiction meets TV: A Parenthood mash-up

    Fans of Parenthood claim that it's one of the best shows on television right now. If you're despondent at the thought of not being...
  18. Television

    Hoping for a Season 5 of Parenthood ?

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    If you were expecting Parenthood to return for a fifth season, it might be best not to get your hopes up. Showrunner Jason Katims...
  19. Television

    Parenthood finale: Until the fall, dear family

    Another season, another finale. Parenthood ends yet again. Did you like the ending?