paranormal activity 4

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    Paranormal Activity 5 given green light, Latino spinoff planned

    The franchise started with only a few dollars but has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Paramount has already given the go-ahead...
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    Shock value scores Paranormal box office success

    It may have topped the box office this weekend, but Paramount Pictures may be more alarmed by the numbers than by any sort of...
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    Paranormal Activity 4 movie review: Don't see it alone!

    Scaredy-cats beware: This movie is the real deal in terms of providing creepy crack to horror junkies. This is definitely the best...
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    Fright-night with Paranormal Activity 4 's Katie Featherston

    From damsel in distress to creepy villain, Paranormal Activity 4 star Katie Featherston can play it all with fearless female power....
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    Paranormal Activity 4 haunts moviegoers just in time for Halloween

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    Paranormal Activity 4 hits theaters Oct. 19, but that hasn't stopped the official reaction video from creeping its way online in...
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    October movie releases: Put some freak in your Friday

    October has become synonymous with a spine-tingling, shriek-inducing movie season. Hollywood’s masters-of-creep have outdone...
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    See creepy new Paranormal Activity 4 trailer

    Keeping up the suspense, Paramount has released a second shaky-cam trailer, hinting at the plot of the upcoming Paranormal Activity...
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    Hot trailer: Paranormal Activity 4 will make you scream

    The found footage film that started a revolution in homemade horror movies released the new trailer for the fourth installment in...
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    Paranormal Activity scares up a new sequel

    The kooky spirits from Paranormal Activity are back. Paramount Pictures has confirmed a new sequel in the horror franchise. Get...