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    Heroes is back?! 5 Other shows that must return immediately

    First words out of our mouths: "They're bringing back Heroes but not Firefly ? That's BS!" Heroes was great and everything, but...
  2. Television

    Ashley Greene cast in Americana fashion drama

    It's the fashion show we've all been waiting for! ABC is currently developing a new drama about the fashion world, set to co-star...
  3. Fashion & Style

    Friday’s Fashion Obsessions: Kate Middleton and Christina Ricci

    Kate Middleton and Christina Ricci's looks made us do a double take this week! We're telling you why in this week's installment of...
  4. Television

    Ashley Greene: A mile-high mess on set of Pan Am ?

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    Diva alert? Ashley Greene is accused of throwing her weight around behind the scenes of ABC's ratings-strapped period drama Pan Am.
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    Pan Am gets sexy on Sunday

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    This Sunday, Pan Am is back and it's better than ever. The latest episode is filled with sex, lies and more sex. Budding...
  6. Television

    Was Pan Am canceled?

    ABC has been forced to debunk talk that its period drama, Pan Am, is on the chopping block after Karine Vanasse, who plays a flight...
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    Best TV Halloween Costumes of 2011

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    Still can't figure out what to wear on Halloween? Here are photos and clips featuring some of the best costumes on television this...
  8. Careers

    Working Mom 3.0: Thank your mother

    New television shows highlight the glory days of the 1960s, but the reality for working women then might be better left in the past....
  9. Television

    Pan Am lifts off to good ratings, despite mixed reviews

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    The new ABC show Pan Am has cashed in on the 1960s TV trend and scored great ratings, despite mixed reviews from those comparing...
  10. Dessert Recipes

    Remembering Pan Am flight food

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    The new drama series, Pan Am , premieres Sunday on ABC, and while those elegant dinners and classic cocktails seem like pure...
  11. Television

    Christina Ricci not your average woman on Pan Am

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    When asked to describe her Pan Am character Maggie, Christina Ricci unwittingly describes attributes that fit herself: "She’s a...
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    ABC's Pan Am: Photos and Flight!

    Pan Am is set to take flight on Sept. 25 and we've got a few new pictures to share.
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    Christina Ricci dieting for Pan Am bikini debut

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    Christina Ricci is dieting and squatting her way into shape for her role as Maggie in the upcoming show Pan Am . How's a bikini...
  14. Television

    Revenge and Pan Am : ABC's fall dramas to watch!

    With the fall premieres upon us, ABC has two new dramas we're keeping our excited eyes on -- Revenge and Pan Am .