1. Outdoor Decor

    Exterior paint trends for 2014

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    Spruce up the outside of your home with these 2014 exterior paint trends. From the trim to the door, we've got the hottest trends...
  2. Home Improvement

    Top 10 paint colors for master bedrooms

    Your bedroom is a sanctuary, which is why the paint color on your walls should be something you love. Here are 10 paint-color...
  3. Home Improvement

    Top 10 paint colors for nurseries

    Picking the paint color is one of the most important decisions you'll make when decorating your nursery. With so many hues to choose...
  4. Home Improvement

    5 Cool new products for interior paint

    Painting can be a dreaded task that can take days to complete. However, with a little help from these cool products, you can...
  5. Home Improvement

    Paintbrush breakdown: Get the right brush for the job

    With a wall of paintbrushes at most home-improvement stores, how do you know which one is best for your project? Here's a breakdown...
  6. Home Improvement

    Paint sheens & finishes: Which is right for your project?

    You've picked your color, so now for the final decision: Which paint sheen or finish is right for your room?
  7. Décor & Style

    Hot paint color trends for 2011

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    With a new year comes the desire for change and one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to make adjustments and changes to...
  8. Color and paint

    Chic walls on the cheap

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    Walls are usually the largest surface area in your room, so it only makes sense that when creating a fabulous room, you should start...
  9. Color and paint

    Best & worst colors for each room in your house

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    While there probably isn't one definitive best or worst color for any specific room in your home, there are definitely some...