oz the great and powerful

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    The wicked witches of Oz: The Great and Powerful

    Follow the yellow brick road to Oz: The Great and Powerful . The epic fantasy hits shelves today and is yours for the taking.
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    The Croods goes caveman at the box office

    What happens when a Neanderthal girl falls for a Homo sapiens boy? The box office erupts! The Croods , an adorable animated...
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    Box office is off to see the Wizard — again!

    Sadly, the magic is gone for Burt Wonderstone , whose sleight-of-hand comedy was no match for the power of the Wizard. But Halle...
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    Oz sees emerald green at the box office

    With the best opening of 2013 so far, Oz followed the yellow brick road to $80 million at the box office. James Franco stars in...
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    Is Oz 's Mila Kunis the hottest witch?

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    Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis will beguile audiences on the big screen in Oz the Great and Powerful , but when it...
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    Oz the Great and Powerful sequel being developed

    A sequel to the newly released Oz the Great and Powerful is in the works.
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    Battle of the flicks: Oz VS. Dead Man Down

    What's better? Going on a dazzling adventure with James Franco for two hours, or exploring the gritty streets of New York with Colin...
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    How Oz The Great and Powerful differs from the original flick

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    Oz The Great and Powerful hits theaters this Friday, 74 years after the release of its classic inspiration, The Wizard of Oz ....
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    Oz the Great and Powerful movie review: Rainbow nation

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    The beloved film The Wizard of Oz finally has a prequel and it doesn’t disappoint. The lush, colorful CGI and wizardry of 3D...
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    You don't know Franc(o)!

    Test your James Franco IQ! Do you know which character this is?
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    Oz the Great and Powerful has an HSN collection!

    is all about magic, mystique and couture. HSN brings you some pretty fabulous finds that are positively wicked — you'll want to...
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    Whimsical accessories we'd wear to Oz

    It's time to make the Yellow Brick Road your runway! We are supremely inspired by the upcoming release of Oz the Great and Powerful...
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    Mila Kunis' interview: gets played by Stark's nervous wreck act

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    Mila Kunis helps starstruck reporter Chris Stark get through his first interview; he's a nervous wreck, but within minutes is asking...
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    Oz The Great and Powerful -inspired recipes

    The new Disney movie, Oz The Great and Powerful, premieres this Friday. To get you in the "enchanted" mood, we've whipped up two...
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    Get the look: Michelle Williams's Oz -inspired makeup!

    Michelle Williams looked fresh faced and flawless at the London premiere of her new film, Oz the Great and Powerful , this week. We...
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    Get Mila Kunis' Oz The Great and Powerful premiere makeup

    Makeup artist Tracey Levy wanted to create a "modern and sexy" look with a "bit of mystery" for Mila Kunis at the London premiere of...
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    Mariah Carey adding song to Oz: The Great and Powerful

    As if the singer doesn't have enough on her plate, she has decided to add a song to the soundtrack of one of the biggest movies of...
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    New movie trailers take over the Super Bowl

    Super Bowl XLVII brought us a lot of things: A Beyoncé concert, a blackout and plenty of new movie trailers. We've rounded up the...
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    New year, new movies: Most anticipated flicks of 2013

    Superheroes make for a super year ahead in the world of movies. Here we give you a first look at the most highly anticipated...
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    Trailer: James Franco is Oz: The Great and Powerful

    Brace yourselves for more Oz: The Great and the Powerful. A new trailer's been released featuring fresh footage from the epic...