1. Television

    Oprah does it again: Lindsay Lohan post-rehab interview

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    When a star is in trouble, he or she heads right to Oprah Winfrey's couch. That is exactly what Lindsay Lohan is doing when she gets...
  2. Television

    OWN revives All My Children and One Life to Live

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    We've got good news for All My Children and One Life to Live fans. Both shows are heading back to TV courtesy of Oprah Winfrey...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Oprah tops Forbes ' Celebrity 100 List for 2013

    Oprah Winfrey is back on top where she belongs. Forbes magazine put her at No. 1 on their Celebrity 100 List for 2013.
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Can anything get Paula Deen out of hot water?

    With tensions boiling over Paula’s Deen’s racist deposition, many culinary experts claim the Southern food matriarch’s career is...
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Oprah Winfrey makes $12 million donation to Smithsonian

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    Oprah Winfrey makes history with her $12 million donation to the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture.
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Terrence Howard loves Oprah's giant boobs

    Apparently the forthcoming movie The Butler is just full of sexytime for Oprah; Terrence Howard dishes about Oprah love scenes and...
  7. Television

    Beyoncé and Oprah talk pregnancy, weight gain and Jay-Z

    Oprah's Next Chapter is all about Queen Bey. The superstar singer opens up about being preggo and loving her man.
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Oprah's very OWN sex discrimination lawsuit

    Oprah Winfrey and her OWN network are being sued for sex discrimination after a former employee alleges she was pushed out when she...
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    Tyler Perry humble brags about Oprah's birthday gift

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    Tyler Perry's generous ways have backfired. While an occasion such as Oprah Winfrey's birthday requires a lavish gift, we're not...
  10. Celebrity Gossip

    Whitney gay? Not OK, says Cissy Houston

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    Was Whitney Houston secretly gay? Her mom, Cissy Houston, did not exactly deny it in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, but said it...
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    Betsy Andreu: The woman firing back at Lance Armstrong

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    Betsy Andreu is the new, heroic face of the Lance Armstrong scandal: a woman who refused to let the now-disgraced cyclist ruin her...
  12. Drinks, Drugs & Rehab

    Lance Armstrong "deserves to lose everything"

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    Lance Armstrong came off as arrogant and cold in his so-called tell-all confession to Oprah last night, and former friends and...
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Oprah, the celebrity whisperer: Did they really just say that?

    What is it about Oprah that she can get the world’s most famous celebrities to spill their guts? Does she cast a spell on them? Does...
  14. Television

    Video highlights: Armstrong's arrogant interview with Oprah

    The Lance Armstrong interview with Oprah aired last night and not only did Armstrong shock us with his arrogance, he conveniently...
  15. Drinks, Drugs & Rehab

    Lance Armstrong admits to doping

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    After years of denials, disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong has finally admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs in a new...
  16. Drinks, Drugs & Rehab

    Lance Armstrong to confess to doping, apologizes to Livestrong

    Lance Armstrong apologizes to his Livestrong staff just before leaving to tape his much-hyped interview with Oprah Winfrey.
  17. Television

    Oprah's interview with Lance Armstrong to broadcast globally

    Lance Armstrong went from the picture of heroic strength to the picture of a cheater. Now viewers from around the globe can watch as...
  18. Baby Names

    Famous January birthday baby names

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    Whether you are due in the month of January or have a birthday then, find out which celebrities will blow out candles this month....
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    Overcoming adversity: Demi Lovato and other alphas

    Into everyone’s life a little rain must fall. But into some people’s lives monsoon rains fall, and celebrities are not exempt. Here...
  20. Television

    OWN's profits up, Oprah breathes sigh of relief

    Oprah's OWN network is garnering better ratings and better press. Oprah's feeling better, too.