ombre hair color

  1. Summer Fashion

    Highlights vs. ombre: Color pros and cons

    Thinking of changing up your locks this summer? We have the scoop on some different options to try. While we love traditional...
  2. Beauty basics

    Low-maintenance colors: The easiest hair colors to maintain

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    Spring is all about lightening up and going as natural as you can -- but you still want to look good, right? Try these tips for...
  3. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    How to get ombre hair

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    Ombre hair is a term used to describe hair with a graduation of color, with the darkest color fading from the roots down. You’ve...
  4. Hairstyles & Hair Care

    4 Reasons to try ombre hair color

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    Ombre hair color is a trend rapidly gaining in popularity -- and why not?! Fresh and casual, ombre hair color is a flattering and...