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  1. Television

    Comic-Con 2014: The Walking Dead 's Norman Reedus on future romance

    Fans of The Walking Dead have been on one hell of a ride for the last several months. In Season 4, they watched as the gruff and...
  2. Television

    Say it ain't so! Is The Walking Dead setting up Daryl and Beth?

    In a recent episode of The Walking Dead , Daryl and Beth seemed to be growing much closer. Could this mean that the two of them are...
  3. Movies

    Does a major Walking Dead star have a role in The Crow ?

    The cast of The Crow reboot is growing. Sources claim one of The Walking Dead 's biggest stars may be joining the cast.
  4. Television

    The Walking Dead : Will Daryl and Carol ever happen?

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    Fans have been clamoring for it, but will a romance between Daryl and Carol finally happen in The Walking Dead Season 4?
  5. Television

    The Walking Dead recap: Rick's losing his mind

    The Walking Dead is back and we finally get answers to the questions that have plagued us for months! It's even better than fans...
  6. Television

    The Walking Dead 's Rick is 'going to the dark side'

    The Walking Dead is about to kick it up a notch. If you thought Sunday's premiere was exciting, you ain't seen nothing yet....
  7. Television

    5 TV bad boys you secretly love

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    How can someone so bad be so good? Each week we fall prey to the smile and charm of TV's biggest bad boys. It doesn't matter if...