1. Parenting

    Watch teens attempt to play original Nintendo (VIDEO)

    There was nothing like the magical moment when you finally convinced your parents to let you upgrade from Atari — with its...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Sarah Hyland says gamers can love fashion, too

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    Sarah Hyland might be super-busy — she's got that little role on Modern Family , after all. It doesn't mean she doesn't have time...
  3. Parenting Articles

    10 Great educational kids' games for Nintendo DS and Wii

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    Your kids love their video games, and you grit your teeth whenever you glance up to see them staring at the screen. Despite what you...
  4. Living

    Nintendo Wii would like to play

    Just in time for holiday gift-giving gluttony, Nintendo's Wii game pack -- at the very least -- wins the race for the best commercials.