1. Outdoor Living

    Irish famine potato makes a comeback

      An Irish farmer is reviving a potato that hasn't been around since the Irish famine. Get the dirt on what this farmer's up to.
  2. Outdoor Living

    Artist makes music from fruits and veggies

      Mom, we totally have a legit excuse to play with our food. Check out this video of J. Viewz, a Brooklyn-based artist who made...
  3. Outdoor Living

    Dead husband sends Valentine flowers

    Ready to have your heart melt? Read about the Texas woman who still receives Valentine's Day flowers from her deceased husband....
  4. Outdoor Living

    Couple fined for having a "patriot garden"

    Photo credit: Todd Anderson for the New York TimesAn Orlando couple has been ordered to dig up their front yard vegetable garden by...
  5. Outdoor Living

    Edible Garden Grants

    Good news comes today for 100 preschools and day care centers in California! A local farm industry group is providing grants for...
  6. Outdoor Living

    Zombie Honeybees

    The thought of a zombie apocalypse is a thing of Hollywood fantasy, where humans are taken over and reduced to brainless,...
  7. Outdoor Living

    "I Can Grow" Youth Garden Award

    Any undertaking that combines teaching children about nutrition and gardening is always a-ok in my book. Burpee's "I Can Grow"...
  8. Outdoor Living

    What's behind the peanut butter price spike?

    In case you haven't heard, the price of peanut butter is expected to skyrocket in the upcoming months---potentially as much as three...
  9. Outdoor Living

    Garden Jackpot

    We know that growing vegetables and becoming sustainable can save you lots of money in the long run. But can you imagine the...
  10. Outdoor Living

    Sunflowers in the City

    The Downtown Phoenix Roosevelt Row district is an eclectic combination of funky cafes, art galleries and music studios. As a...
  11. Healthy Recipes

    The food scares vegans are missing

    Food-borne illnesses can happen to you -- whether you're following a vegan diet or not. A good example is the recent E. coli...
  12. Healthy Recipes

    7 Energy and money saving tips

    If your financial stress tends to rocket along with your summer energy bill, we've got seven easy ways to beat the heat, save...
  13. Healthy Recipes

    Best Diets report: How did the vegan diet rank?

    US News & World Report recently released the results of their research on 20 well-known diets, including the vegan diet. How...
  14. Healthy Recipes

    Walk your dog for heart health

    Your dog is not only an unconditional source of love, Fido is also an eager source of exercise opportunity. In addition to keeping...
  15. Healthy Recipes

    Natural remedies for hiking aches, pests, and odors

    Love hiking in the great outdoors but not the sore muscles, pests that bite and sting, and the smelly socks that come with your...
  16. Healthy Recipes

    MyPlate replaces the Food Pyramid

    Last week, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Michelle Obama introduced MyPlate as a replacement for the Food...
  17. Healthy Recipes

    Is veganism in Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg's future?

    Social media baron Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that his personal challenge for this year is to eat only animals that he...
  18. Healthy Recipes

    4 Reasons to avoid processed foods

    The list of reasons to eat fresh, whole foods instead of processed foods is long. However, sometimes it takes just a few specific...
  19. Healthy Recipes

    Father's Day: 5 Ways to make Dad feel special

    Though a new snazzy tie, bottle of of Dad's favorite cologne, or another subscription to Sports Illustrated are excellent...
  20. Healthy Recipes

    Veg mom-to-be Alyssa Milano parties with Prince

    According to, pregnant actress Alyssa Milano, a long-time vegetarian, was partying with infamous singer Prince.