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    ABC Family picks up Mystery Girls & Young & Hungry

    ABC Family is trying to revive the half-hour comedy format on its network with two new shows slated for 2014 release: Young &...
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    Killer Women review: Ride 'em cowgirl!

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    ABC's new series Killer Women premieres with an episode full of gun fights, car chases, cowboys, cowgirls and a whole lot of fun.
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    Mixology serves its characters with sex and humor

    A new comedy from the writers of The Hangover , Mixology promises to bring a sexy edge to television when it premieres Feb. 26....
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    The Assets premiere review: Spy vs. spy

    The premiere of ABC's The Assets starts with intrigue, continues with some action and nail-biting moments and ends with a surprise.
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    5 Reasons you'll get sucked into ABC's The Assets

    With Scandal off for a while, ABC brings in the based-on-a-true-story spy drama The Assets to fill in the time. We've got five...
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    Praise be! NBC green-lights The Bible sequel A.D.

    NBC has announced plans to air a sequel to the hit miniseries The Bible called A.D. The new 12-hour miniseries most likely will...
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    High heels, holsters and handcuffs: Killer Women has it all

    ABC is set to premiere a new series called Killer Women and we've got four reasons we think you're going to love it.
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    Ahoy, matey! Black Sails trailer and character introductions

    STARZ has released the official Black Sails trailer and some character previews in anticipation of the series premiere in January...
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    Vikings Season 2 returns with an eerie new promo

    In the new Vikings promo, Ragnar is undergoing a major transformation. Will we see more glimpses into mythology on Season 2?
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    NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade sells comedy series to Fox

    Fox buys a comedy based on the life of NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat, focusing on a basketball star and his entourage...
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    Yes, a How I Met Your Mother spinoff is happening

    Hey, kids! Have I ever told you the story of How I Met Your Dad ?
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    Meet Kelsey Smith: CMT's Sweet Home Alabama bachelorette!

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    Every week, the men on Sweet Home Alabama will be vying for Kelsey's heart — and she'll spill all the details after every episode...
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    Why all the hate? 5 Reasons to give Dads a shot

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    Fox's new comedy Dads has been getting slammed by critics, but we've got five reasons why you should give it a shot.
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    Falling for Chris Hardwick @Midnight

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    Chris Hardwick is using @Midnight to further his attempts at overtaking television. Spoiler alert: It's gonna happen.
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    The Returned 's terrifying Halloween premiere

    Want to watch something scary on Halloween that isn't your typical TV show? Check out French import The Returned on Sundance this...
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    Octavia Spencer comes to TV in Murder, She Wrote reboot?

    NBC has big plans for Octavia Spencer. They're resuscitating a classic mystery show just for her! Will you watch a Murder, She...
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    Reign review: This season's sexiest premiere

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    Reign's premiere bites its thumb at the critics... and historical accuracy. For that reason: I approve. Spoilers ahead!
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    Mia Farrow's son Ronan gets his own MSNBC show

    Ronan Farrow joins Alec Baldwin as the latest Hollywood star to be given his own show on MSNBC. The famous son is more than...
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    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. earns full-season order from ABC

    ABC ordered a full season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. despite faltering ratings in its second and third weeks. Will the Joss Whedon...
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    The Tomorrow People review: We'll give it a chance

    The Tomorrow People premiere had us initially skeptical at the run-of-the-mill premise. Until the end took us in a totally...