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    VIDEO: Outlander trailer released at Comic-Con 2014

    The new Outlander trailer, just released from Starz at Comic-Con on Friday, has us so excited we're shaking in our kilts.
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    Better Call Saul billboard actually lets you call Saul

    As if AMC needed more hype around its Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul . The network isn't slacking in the creativity...
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    Constantine : Why we're ready for a superhero who isn't perfect

    NBC's Constantine promises to bring a different kind of hero to our TV screens and we think it's about time.
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    EXCLUSIVE: Will Gordon get the ax on Halt and Catch Fire ?

    Joe and Gordon are at odds in our exclusive clip from the July 13 episode of Halt and Catch Fire , titled "Giant."
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    Finding Carter review: It gets better, right?

    MTV's new series, Finding Carter , is about a teenager who is found by her family after being kidnapped 13 years ago. Kids and...
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    Sneak peek: Mystery Girls hit a haunted house

    Mystery Girls investigate a haunted house in the Wednesday, July 9 episode, titled "Haunted House Party."
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    EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes with the Satisfaction stars

    By now you've seen the scandalous promos for USA's new drama, Satisfaction . But, do you really know what's going on with that sexy...
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    Streaming now: Ultra-gorgeous The Time in Between

    Covert Affairs has nothin' on DramaFever's Spanish drama. Take the undercover bada** chick in dangerous situations, add in a sense...
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    The Leftovers review: It's kinda weird and we like it

    HBO's new series The Leftovers is definitely unique. With an unfamiliar backdrop set in a world surrounded by uncertainty, we can't...
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    Mystery Girls review: Little bit of funny, a lot of confusion

    We do our best to get to the bottom of the great mystery in the Mystery Girls episode: What happened to the pilot?
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    VIDEO: Satisfaction 's racy new promo has us hot and bothered (exclusive)

    USA has a steamy new show coming this summer. Our super-sexy exclusive promo has us squirming at our desks. How satisfied will you...
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    5 Reasons Chasing Life is just OK

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    ABC Family tries to tackle life after a cancer diagnosis in Chasing Life . It's not the worst show on television but we're not...
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    Mystery Girls sneak peek: Crimes, comedy and Tori Spelling

    We take a closer look at Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth's new ABC Family series, Mystery Girls . Check out photos and preview videos.
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    How the Powerpuff reboot is going to change your daughter's self-image

    The Powerpuff Girls are set to relaunch with a brand-new series in 2016. Here's why even the adults among us should be thrilled...
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    Geeking Out: Wil Wheaton's funny, sarcastic new Project

    In case you missed the (virtually unfindable) announcement: Wil Wheaton has his own new show and it's absolutely worth your time.
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    INTERVIEW: Jaime Pressly reveals her most challenging role yet

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    In our exclusive interview, Jaime Pressly talks about her new TV Land series Jennifer Falls , including how it will resonate with...
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    How FX is pushing the boundaries with new comedy Married

    As if Judy Greer and Nat Faxon aren't enough to pull you into Married , the show will deliver comedy on real and edgy topics in...
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    HBO taps Danny McBride, Dave Grohl for hot new series

    HBO and Danny McBride ( Eastbound & Down ) are teaming up again for a new comedy series. We take a look at Vice Principals , plus...
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    5 Reasons Little Women: LA will be your summer must-watch

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    If you think you've seen all reality TV has to offer, look to the ladies of Lifetime's Little Women: LA for an entirely different,...
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    4 Smokin' Salem hotties totally worth the night terrors

    Holy mother of mercy! There's a lot to love about WGN's hit show, Salem , but if you aren't one of the millions tuning in each...