1. Technology

    How to network within your own neighborhood

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    With creative and increased social tools for networking, neighborhoods all over the U.S. are using safe and effective ways to bring...
  2. Moving & Packing

    How to pick a great neighborhood

    Your neighborhood says everything about you. When someone asks you what side of town you live on, they’re actually asking, “What...
  3. Family Activities

    Get to know your neighbors: Tips and tricks

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    Do you know who your neighbors are? Not everyone does, and it's becoming more and more common. Many people attribute not knowing...
  4. Community & Human Services

    Revamp your neighborhood park

    If your neighborhood park is looking a little shabby, make it your mission to make it shine. Parks play an important role in...
  5. Budgeting & Saving

    How to navigate the garage sale scene

    Repurpose, refurbish and recycle! Today, more and more people are transforming old furniture and décor rather than buying these...