1. Television

    Actor ditching NBC's Community for a new show?

    Community may be losing fan favorite Donald Glover, who is close to inking a deal with NBC to headline his own show.
  2. Television

    NBC bumps 9/11 moment of silence for Kris Jenner interview

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    Tuesday morning NBC scored another major "fail" as it inexplicably aired Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner talking about her...
  3. Television

    NBC's Go On and Guys with Kids talk character quirks

    The fall TV season is underway, and NBC is pushing two of its newest additions — Go On, and Guys with Kids. Meet the casts of this...
  4. Television

    NBC's Animal Practice is out of control

    Between animals running rampant around the office and a quirky know-it-all vet, Animal Practice is anticipated to deliver quite a...
  5. Television

    Revolution expected to be a huge hit

    Imagine life without electricity. No lights, no computers, no transportation… and most important, no texting (Noooo!). No one thinks...
  6. Television

    CW’s Arrow hits sexy superhero target

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    By day, Oliver Queen is the man men want to be and women want to be with: a billionaire playboy. But by night, he’s a vigilante...
  7. Television

    NBC's Chicago Fire is bringing the heat

    It's a show about hot firefighters... with no shirts on! Need I say more?
  8. Television

    Full Community cast back for Season 4

    Not long ago, Community was on the brink of being canceled, but dedicated fans of the series rallied to save it. Now with a small...
  9. Television

    NBC's The New Normal proves that gay is here to stay

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    From the creators of Glee comes a new type of family. Combine a flamboyantly gay couple with a surrogate mother, her daughter and...
  10. Television

    Matthew Perry is back for NBC's new series Go On

    Matthew Perry and his sarcastic attitude have returned to TV, with his new comedy sitcom, Go On.
  11. Television

    Angelina Jolie gave NBC an Ann Curry ultimatum?

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    Angelina Jolie is standing by Ann Curry's side, and if NBC ever wants to speak with the A-list actress again, they better listen up...
  12. Television

    Stars Earn Stripes gets hated on by Peace Prize winners

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    NBC has a whole host of Nobel Peace Prize winners hot on their feathery tail after the debut of gun-glorifying Stars Earn Stripes ....
  13. Television

    Jack Osbourne to NBC: You're full of "bull-f***ng-s**t!"

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    Jack Osbourne is letting NBC have a piece of his mind! In reaction to their claims his MS diagnosis had nothing to do with being let...
  14. Television

    Olympic ratings gold: The Ryan Lochte Effect?

    Even NBC has been floored by the ratings for the London Olympics. Everything from the opening ceremony to the 400-meter showdown...
  15. Television

    NBC spoiler apology: Can you forgive a gold medal oops?

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    Is an NBC spoiler apology enough to get Olympics fans to forgive and forget? In the heat of a major gold medal error, the peacock is...
  16. Television

    Fall TV 2012: Get a sampler of new shows on NBC

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    NBC is giving you a chance to see new fall shows before they officially premiere! Read on to find out the details.
  17. Television

    NBC to air SNL election spoof for the 2012 election

    NBC has big changes in store for the fall season, but they also plan to fall back on some staples.
  18. Television

    Ann Curry out, Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie in?

    While NBC still hasn't officially said that Ann Curry is getting the boot, it's probably the worst-kept secret in New York and media...
  19. Television

    NBC rolls out fall season premieres

    With many shows at the end of their lives, NBC is relying on a few newcomers to carry their schedule.
  20. Television

    Turnabout is not fair play for Adele

    Adele is making her millions on the backs of her ex-boyfriends who famously inspired her heartbroken songs, though she's never named...