1. Television

    Biggest Loser 's McDonald "in the middle of the drama"

    NBC's The Biggest Loser promoted this week's episode as the biggest confrontation of the season! Well, guess who was smack in the...
  2. Television

    Cody Simpson: "I feel very blessed"

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    Australian music sensation, Cody Simpson, makes an appearance on the Feb. 4 edition of NBC's The Biggest Loser . He shares his own...
  3. Television

    Roseanne inks deal for new NBC series

    Roseanne Barr keeps trying (and failing) to resurrect the huge television career she enjoyed back in the 1980s and 1990s. Will a new...
  4. Television

    NBC's Hatfields & McCoys -esque drama on the way

    NBC plots a new, modern Hatfield-McCoy drama written by Charlize Theron. Interesting fact: It has the same name as the History...
  5. Television

    Biggest Loser 's Gina McDonald blogs: My experience so far

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    Gina McDonald is a contestant on NBC's reality weight loss show, The Biggest Loser. As millions of people watch her and the other...
  6. Television

    New Community trailer: Finally!

    Guys! The return of Community is just around the corner and we've got a first look at what's ahead.
  7. Television

    Sweet! Do No Harm 's pilot is available now!

    You know those intriguing previews for NBC's new show, Do No Harm ? We've seen the show and we approve. Plus: You can see it, too.
  8. Television

    1600 Penn recap: The Skiplantic Ocean

    In the words of Chastity, from 10 Things I Hate About You, "I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you...
  9. Television

    Deception preview: Deceivingly good?

    NBC's all new drama starts right off with a murder. Will the effort to uncover the murder bring more death ahead?
  10. Television

    Robin Hood-themed show in development for The CW

    P.S. The CW isn't the only network with a Robin Hood-inspired show in the works. Let's hope these Hoods are foxy!
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    NBC News' Richard Engel rescued in Syria

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    NBC News' Richard Engel escaped from his captors in Syria after being kidnapped and held for five days last Thursday in the Middle...
  12. Television

    1600 Penn : Promo-palooza

    Just in case you're not quite sure what 1600 Penn is all about, we're here to help. We've got the low down on some of the...
  13. Television

    Carrie Underwood hears The Sound of Music

    Carrie Underwood's an icon in the making. Therefore, we're not surprised she's tackling one of Broadway's most famous roles. The...
  14. Television

    Are you ready for Christmas at Rockefeller Center ?

    This year's Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center is as old as the tradition itself: 80 years, to be precise. NBC has planned a night...
  15. Television

    Will TODAY tell Matt Lauer to kiss off?

    The internet is awash with one very big rumor: Matt Lauer might soon be the next victim under TODAY 's axe. Does he deserve it,...
  16. Television

    Revolution sneak peek: The fam meets a new enemy

    Tonight on Revolution , we meet the one guy who can frighten Miles. Plus, we find out more about Mrs. Neville. And, Aaron messes...
  17. Television

    NBC's Hurricane Sandy telethon brings in $23 million

    NBC held its telethon for hurricane relief on Friday night and brought in millions for victims of the storm.
  18. Television

    Matt Lauer helps Hurricane Sandy victims

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    Matt Lauer jumps right in to help Hurricane Sandy victims by organizing an NBC telethon for Friday night.
  19. Television

    Check out Malibu Country & Last Man Standing

    The '90s are calling and they want their stars back. In the meantime, we might as well laugh it up.
  20. Television

    NBC finally pulls Community off the bench

    The TV gods have heard our prayers. Community has been pulled out of early retirement. NBC has finally given the sitcom a return...