1. Television

    Saturday Night Live loses three more cast members

    Just a day after Brooks Wheelan announced on Twitter he'd been fired from Saturday Night Live , news has surfaced that fellow...
  2. Television

    NBC's Peter Pan Live nabs Christopher Walken as Captain Hook

    Need another reason to rejoice that NBC is doing a live musical this holiday season? How about the fact that this year Christopher...
  3. Television

    Primetime Emmy nominations 2014

    The Emmy nominations for this season have been announced, and if we may say, Mindy Kaling looked fabulous while doing it.
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    VIDEO: CNBC host "outs" Apple CEO Tim Cook live on air

    Tim Cook has never come out publicly, but a CNBC host shared the "news" with the world — on live TV.
  5. Television

    Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan guests on Community

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    Fan favorite Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan makes a rare cameo appearance as the host of a vintage VCR game. His talent knows...
  6. Television

    VIDEO: Hilarious About a Boy cast bonds — interview style

    They make us laugh on screen, but David Walton and Minnie Driver prove to be just as funny behind the scenes in this cast interview.
  7. Television

    PHOTOS: About a Boy parties with Lil Jon

    Will finds himself in hot water when he decides to take Marcus to Lil Jon's pool party. Fiona is not going to like this.
  8. Television

    INTERVIEW: Growing Up Fisher 's Jenna Elfman loves kids, but not curling

    She's back on NBC for a new show about a modern family. Find out about Jenna Elfman's new show, Growing Up Fisher .
  9. Television

    INTERVIEW: Is About a Boy 's David Walton the new Hugh Grant?

    He's ready to take on Hugh Grant's iconic role, but David Walton definitely has his own spin to the character on NBC's sitcom,...
  10. Television

    Tara Lipinski & Johnny Weir's fashions have become Sochi hit

    The hottest fashions in Sochi aren't being worn by the athletes, but by NBC broadcasters Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir. See their...
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    TV journalist Tom Brokaw diagnosed with cancer

    Tom Brokaw is a news legend. But instead of reporting it, he's become the top story. Tuesday, the anchor broke his silence about his...
  12. Television

    Bob Costas out, Matt Lauer in as eye infection gets worse

    It's been a rough few days for NBC Olympics anchor Bob Costas. He's out sick tonight while he heals his eye infection. Matt Lauer...
  13. Television

    Trending from Sochi: Bob Costas' left eye

    It's not the way he wanted to kick off the broadcast, but Bob Costas explained to the world what was going on with his left eye.
  14. Television

    Lindsey Vonn will be in Sochi after all... as a correspondent

    You can't keep a good athlete away from the Winter Olympics! Lindsey Vonn will be watching the games live from Sochi as a...
  15. Television

    8 Stars perfect to play Wendy in NBC's Peter Pan

    Are you ready for another live stage production for 2014's holiday season? NBC is banking on it by announcing it will tackle Peter...
  16. Television

    Parks and Recreation 's 100th episode news and video

    Parks and Recreation will reach its 100th episode milestone on Thursday on Leslie's last day in office. Find out what might be in...
  17. Television

    Saturday Night Live finds new African-American female

    Sasheer Zamata has been added to the cast of Saturday Night Live , making her the first African-American female on the cast since...
  18. Television

    10 Things you didn't know about The Voice winner Tessanne Chin

    You know Tessanne Chin as the winner of The Voice 2013, but here are 10 things you might not know about the newly awarded champion.
  19. Television

    Mr. Grey turns Red: Best of The Blacklist ’s James Spader

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    If you think James Spader is the embodiment of Raymond "Red" Reddington on The Blacklist , then take a look at some of his earlier...
  20. Television

    The Blacklist gets the green light for Season 2

    It's certainly not a surprise, but it is a relief to know that The Blacklist will continue to entertain us well into 2015.