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  1. Makeup

    Product alert: Fancy deodorant inspired by monks

    Glamorous deodorant may seem like an oxymoron, but think again because a pretty fabulous deodorant awaits you. It's actually...
  2. Makeup

    The truth about all-natural beauty ingredients

    The other day, I picked up a bottle of shampoo that claimed to be "all-natural" and "gluten-free." Confusion ensued. Does my shampoo...
  3. Makeup

    Pucker up: 7 Must-have vegan lipsticks

    Get this: We ladies eat anywhere between four to six pounds of lipstick in our lifetime. Every day we chow down on things like...
  4. Makeup

    5 Days of beauty giveaways with eco-beauty brand Indie Lee

    Dec. 9 is the start of some major beauty madness — Indie Lee's Five Days of Eco-Chic Giveaways contest! Yes, that's five...
  5. Skincare

    How to use your dinner leftovers for DIY beauty

    Cooking and beauty treatments are very similar — both involve a series of ingredients mixed together that benefit our...
  6. Beauty How-Tos

    How to use food for skin care

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    Looking to switch up your skin care routine? Look no further than your kitchen cabinets. Many foods you have in your refrigerator...
  7. Makeup

    A luscious holiday season: LUSH Cosmetics' top holiday gifts (Review)

    Imagine cups of hot chocolate, chewy nougat, creamy vanilla — all in tubs or tubes on your bathtub. That's what you'll get once you...
  8. Makeup

    Anya Says: Secrets from a beauty product junkie

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    Not all products are created equally. I have done a ton of research on what’s in our beauty products and swear by the book No More...
  9. Makeup

    Best gifts for the all-natural gal

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    Clean-livin' and earth-lovin' — the all-natural gal is determined to save the planet, one bike-commute at a time. Show her your...
  10. Skincare

    From the Beauty Editor's desk: 2 Sustainable skin care lines to try

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    I'm not totally opposed to the chemical and the clinical when it comes to skin care, but there is definitely something to be said...
  11. Skincare

    Eco-friendly beauty for moms

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    As moms, we are all concerned about the environment, chemicals and food additives to ensure the well-being of our children in the...
  12. Skincare

    5 All-natural age-fighters for younger skin

    There might be a wide variety of anti-aging creams lining store shelves, but some of the best fine line fighters can actually be...
  13. Makeup

    The eco beauty's holiday gift guide

    Out with the old, potentially dangerous products and in with the good-for-you goodies! Since more and more gals are going green...
  14. Skincare

    Choosing organic beauty products

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    How green is your skin care routine? There are many reasons to think about ditching your current crop of cosmetics and opting...
  15. Skincare

    Nighttime skincare basics

    Make the most of your skin's built-in repair process with a practical and effective nighttime skincare routine.
  16. Skincare

    Kristen Bell: New face of Neutrogena Naturals

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    Fresh-faced Kristen Bell was a fabulous choice as the new face of the Neutrogena Naturals skincare line. She's a vegetarian who is...
  17. Makeup

    Glamorous makeup trends: Red lips, false eyelashes

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    Natural makeup is great for daytime but if you are attending a party or going out on a special date it's only natural to want turn...