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  1. Manis, Pedis & More

    Nail design: Denver Broncos manicure tutorial

    Here's a nail design for all you Broncos fans!
  2. Manis, Pedis & More

    Nail design: Chicago Bears manicure tutorial

    These Bears nails show the ultimate team spirit.
  3. Manis, Pedis & More

    Nail design: Seattle Seahawks manicure tutorial

    Show your team spirit with this NFL manicure.
  4. Manis, Pedis & More

    Nail design: New England Patriots manicure tutorial

    Get your team pride on with some NFL nail art.
  5. Manis, Pedis & More

    Nail design: Cincinnati Bengals manicure tutorial

    Show some team spirit with this football nail design!
  6. Manis, Pedis & More

    Sophisticated Halloween nails: Ghostly spirit

    These marbled nails bring to mind spooky spirits while giving a subtle nod to Halloween.
  7. Manis, Pedis & More

    Sophisticated Halloween nails: Onyx feline

    Inspired by Charlotte Olympia's wildly popular feline flats, these halloween-appropriate nails appeal to fashion as well as cat-lovers.
  8. Manis, Pedis & More

    Gilded gold leaf daubed nail art

    Get your glam rock on with these awesome fashion nails inspired by DVF Fall 2013!
  9. Manis, Pedis & More

    Chunky glitter and furry nails inspired by Rachel Zoe

    These outrageously chic fashion nails were inspired by the huge sequins and patched fur coats seen at Rachel Zoe's fall 2013 show.
  10. Manis, Pedis & More

    Fashion-inspired nail design: Black and textured blue nails

    We loved the crazy blue texture over black from Christopher Kane's fall 2013 fashion show and recreated it on our nails.
  11. Beauty & Style

    Sophisticated Halloween nails: Bloody drip

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    A fashionably chic nail design for gore lovers. Learn how to recreate Prabal Gurung's spring 2013 runway nails, just in time for...
  12. Manis, Pedis & More

    Chanel-inspired tweed and fur nails

    Inspired by Chanel's fall 2013 fashion line, we're combining their iconic tweed print with an eclectic and trendy fur accent nail.
  13. Manis, Pedis & More

    Feathered ombre nails inspired by Chanel

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    Get your nails bohemian chic with this nail design inspired by Chanel's fall 2013 fashion collection!
  14. Manis, Pedis & More

    A popsicle-inspired nail design

    Try these sweet nails to switch up your routine. We love the bright summertime colors!
  15. Manis, Pedis & More

    Prada-inspired tortoise shell print nails

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    We loved Prada's sweet floral decoration on the classic tortoise shell, so we took the design to our nails!
  16. Manis, Pedis & More

    Fish tail French manicure

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    We love any excuse to switch up the classic French mani, and this is a great summertime version!
  17. Manis, Pedis & More

    Melting ice cream nail design

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    Who doesn't love an ice cream cone on a hot summer day? Now you can indulge in this dessert when you glance down at your nails — and...
  18. Manis, Pedis & More

    Mermaid scales nail art

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    Almost every little girl has dreamed about becoming a mermaid, frolicking in the sea, waiting for her prince to come. These nails...
  19. Manis, Pedis & More

    Starfish print nails

    We translated one of the ocean's cutest inhabitants onto nails in this fun nail art pattern.
  20. Manis, Pedis & More

    Coral reef printed nails

    Bring the magic of the ocean to you with these coral reef-inspired nails!