nail art

  1. Manis, Pedis & More

    Phillip Lim-inspired nail design

    One of Phillip Lim's resort 2014 prints incorporates an organic vertical section of stacked colors with a black outline and...
  2. Manis, Pedis & More

    Prabal Gurung-inspired floral nail design

    Pattern mixing is a bold sartorial statement that has been trending recently. One way to break into this trend without it being too...
  3. Manis, Pedis & More

    The history of nail polish

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    From henna manicures on mummified pharaohs to nail art bloggers, here's the overview of how nail polish and nail trends evolved.
  4. Manis, Pedis & More

    Diane Von Furstenberg-inspired funky colorblocked nail design

    There's something so fresh and a bit rebellious about switching up a classic stripe — and that's exactly what DVF did in her Resort...
  5. Manis, Pedis & More

    Nail design tutorial: The watercolor effect

    Use a few colors and nail polish remover to create the watercolor paint effect on your nails.
  6. Manis, Pedis & More

    Marbled nail design with polka dots

    There's nothing more fun than creating a marbled manicure — every design is unique and you can add as many colors as you'd like....
  7. Manis, Pedis & More

    Christmas sweater nail design

    There's nothing ugly about these Christmas sweater-inspired nails! Filled with nostalgia and cozy feelings, they also have unique...
  8. Manis, Pedis & More

    A nail art tool kit for beginners

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    Here is your complete nail art beginner's kit full of everything from supplies found at home to tools you can buy.
  9. Manis, Pedis & More

    How to remove glitter polish

    Want to know the secret to getting glitter nail polish off? We'll show you four.
  10. Manis, Pedis & More

    Nail art tutorial: Beautiful winter wonder mani

    Pink and silver ditzy dots and a striped accent nail are just the ticket for a perfectly cute manicure for your next holiday party.
  11. Manis, Pedis & More

    Cookie swap party nails

    Everyone at your next holiday party will go gaga over these cute sugar cookie nails! The simple design is easy to replicate and oh...
  12. Manis, Pedis & More

    Plumage nail art: 2 Feather-inspired designs

    If you love nature, you'll love these nails! We're incorporating a real feather that's sure to turn heads, as well as a glitzy and...
  13. Manis, Pedis & More

    Native American tribal-inspired nail art

    Inspired by Native American tribes, this design gives a historical nod to seasonal nails.
  14. Manis, Pedis & More

    3 Classic plaid nail art designs

    A classic print that's as stylish as it is sentimental, plaid makes you think of family gatherings and holiday celebrations. Find...
  15. Manis, Pedis & More

    Easy candy corn gradient nails

    This is an abstract look inspired by the season's signature candy. Instead of doing a solid color block, we're giving it a gradient...
  16. Manis, Pedis & More

    Peeking pumpkin nail design

    What at first looks like a moon mani turns out to be a peeking pumpkin!
  17. Manis, Pedis & More

    Abstract fall leaves nail design

    Short brush strokes in oranges, yellows and reds allude to the festive autumn leaves. A fall nail print that's easy, artistic and chic.
  18. Manis, Pedis & More

    Fan-icures: Nail design tutorials inspired by football teams

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    If you're looking for some cute and creative ways to cheer on your favorite NFL football team, you've come to the right place. These...
  19. Manis, Pedis & More

    Nail design: Dallas Cowboys manicure tutorial

    Cheer on your favorite team with these cute Cowboys nails.
  20. Manis, Pedis & More

    Nail design: San Diego Chargers manicure tutorial

    The best way to accessorize at the game is on your nails!