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  1. Beauty & Style

    Amazing red, white and blue nail art

    While these three manicures aren't patriotic in design, their colors are bursting with national pride.
  2. Super Moms Guide

    DIY mother-daughter manis

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    Have fun bonding with your girls with these easy nail design ideas perfect for mother-daughter manicures. From neon polka dots to...
  3. Skin Care

    The secret to neon nail polish

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    We wear neon nail polish for an explosion of bright color. Here is the trick to getting the most out of it.
  4. How-Tos

    3 Summery pedicure nail art tutorials

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    These three artful pedicures are an easy way to get your toes summer-ready.
  5. Skin Care

    Cuticle tattoo trend is taking nail art off your nails

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    Up until now, nail art lovers have been adorning the nail itself, but let's take the art below the nail. Enter nail art's hottest...
  6. Skin Care

    Finally! We found the real culprit for why nail polish chips

    Which looks worse: chipped nail polish or no nail polish at all? If you're a fashion-forward woman, neither answer is really...
  7. Beauty & Style

    Super chic neutral nail DIYs

    Neutral nails don’t have to be boring. Keep it simple and stay fabulous with these super chic neutral nail tutorials.
  8. Skin Care

    Pastel striped nail art tutorial

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    You don't have to pick just one pastel color for your springtime manicure — have four with this cheerful striped nail design.
  9. Skin Care

    OPI's sheer tints: Four ways they make nail art easier

    Sheer tints are a new way to add dimension and intrigue to your manicure. Layer them over another color, pattern or glitter for a...
  10. Skin Care

    DIY: Make your own speckled egg-inspired nail polish shade

    Inspired by spring’s speckled eggs, mix a custom color chock-full of glitter to get the effect.
  11. Skin Care

    OPI nail art inspired by Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted

    To celebrate the release of Disney’s star-studded movie Muppets Most Wanted , OPI released eight limited edition nail lacquers —...
  12. Skin Care

    Nail art tip: How to create the perfect flower

    Master this simple technique to create a garden full of nail art flowers!
  13. Skin Care

    Nail art tip: How to create the perfect star

    A two-tool approach to get the perfect looking star on your nails.
  14. Skin Care

    Lined pearls nail art inspired by Chanel

    Inspired by a look from Chanel's Spring 2014 collection, this nail design features an all-over pattern made of lines of polka dots...
  15. Skin Care

    "Will you accept this rose" nail design

    Love to watch The Bachelor? So do we! Wear your heart on your fingers with our Bachelor-inspired nail design. It features a chic...
  16. Skin Care

    Nail art tip: How to create the perfect heart

    Making a cute heart pattern will be a breeze after you master this simple nail art trick.
  17. Beauty & Style

    Photo tutorial: Anti-Valentine's Day nail design

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    Some of us love the sweet, pastel-colored candy hearts and everything the day stands for... and some of us don't!
  18. Beauty & Style

    Photo tutorial: Love birds on a wire nail design

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    Celebrate Valentine's Day with a romantic nail design. Here, we show you how to craft a sweet silhouette of two birds in love, over...
  19. Skin Care

    The ultimate nail art guide

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    If you've been drooling over the stylish nail art designs that are plastered across Pinterest, it's time to brush up on some nail...
  20. Skin Care

    Fashion nails inspired by Valentino

    Inspired by a look from Valentino, Spring 2014, nails are adorned with ornate, ethnic-inspired shapes in black, tan, turquoise and...