1. Hair tips

    What would happen if you quit shampoo

    Let's take a moment and picture our lives without shampoo: Dun dun dunnnn! Did you just imagine your hair becoming a gigantic,...
  2. Makeup & Skin Care

    10 Beauty lies you've been told

    For years, we have been told certain things about skin, hair and beauty care that we have accepted as the truth, no matter how...
  3. Marriage & Relationships

    Debunking relationship myths

    Let’s take a few moments to take a real, hard look at relationships. It’s so easy to have a “grass is always greener” mindset when...
  4. Budgeting & Saving

    8 Common tech myths that cost you money

    It seems like every time you buy a computer or other technology, there are always three (really expensive) things you just have to...
  5. Gardening

    Organic Produce Myths

    Many people are choosing to go organic in the grocery store and in their own gardens. While organic foods have their benefits, the...
  6. Exercise & Fitness

    5 Dangerous gym practices

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    Tripping over your own feet in aerobics class may be embarrassing, but it's not likely to result in serious injury to anything aside...
  7. Exercise & Fitness

    Confused about exercise?

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    With all of the information available online, it can be easy to feel confused about the best ways to get fit. A plethora of...