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    Andrew W.K. to speak at My Little Pony convention. Yes, really

    Andrew W.K. has long been a mystery to many. His next move is to teach Pinkie Pie fans how to party.
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    Top fairy tale weddings & why we loved them

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    Very few people get to enjoy the sort of magical weddings that end our favorite fairy tales. In honor of this Saturday's royal...
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    Our dream prince dates to the My Little Pony royal wedding

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    The royal wedding between My Little Pony royalty Princess Cadance and Shining Armor will take place this Saturday on The Hub...
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    What to wear to the My Little Pony royal wedding

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    The wedding of '100,000 moons' is happening this Saturday on the television channel The Hub: The My Little Pony Royal Wedding. Yes,...
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    Royal wedding: My Little Pony gets hitched!

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    Move over, Kate Middleton! There's a new princess in town and she's getting married in major style!