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    Editor's video pick: Eric Church's 'Springsteen'

    This 2012 Country Music Awards contender has an undeniable hit on his hands.
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    Pink's new video "Try" is a hit -- or in this case, a backhand

    No one ever accused Pink of sugar-coating. And that is why this seemingly fringe artist is so relatable, because she’s not really...
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    Editor's video pick: Cher Lloyd's "Oath" featuring Becky G

    She may not have fixed her attitude, but she did fix her eyebrows!
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    Editor's video pick: Act As If's "Oh My My"

    This upbeat music video features a sweet storyline based on meeting the right one.
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    Editor's video pick: Nas' "Cherry Wine"

    Just the chance we could see Amy Winehouse is enough incentive to watch.
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    Editor's video pick: Beyonce's "I Was Here"

    The humanitarians thank you for not gyrating.
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    Editor's video pick: Maroon 5's "One More Night"

    Are you a blonde Victoria’s Secret model? No? Then in the real world, Adam Levine wouldn’t so much as breathe on you.
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    Editor's video pick: Karmin's "I Told You So"

    Thanks to the female lead in the duo Karmin, female rappers no longer have to fit the established stereotypes. Rap is a hard genre...
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    Editor's video pick: Andy Grammer "Miss Me"

    With 118,629 likes on Facebook, you'd think I would know who this guy is. Now I do. This video is for his debut single, “Miss Me.”
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    Hate Justin Bieber? You'll love his new music video

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    Want to see Justin Bieber get his a** kicked? Sure you do -- and now you can in his music video for new single "As Long As You Love...
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    RIP Queen of Disco: Our favorite Donna Summer videos

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    Donna Summer has died at the age of 63 after losing her battle with cancer. As music fans mourn the loss of the disco singer we take...
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    RIP MCA: Our favorite Beastie Boys videos

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    The untimely death of Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch at just 47 is a sobering reminder that cancer spares no one -- not even musical gods....
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    See Jennifer Lopez in a video orgy

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    Jennifer Lopez gave us a sneak peek at her new video for "Dance Again" on American Idol last night. Was it too hot for primetime?...
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    Aretha Franklin turns 70: Celebrate with her greatest hits!

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    Aretha Franklin turned 70 years young over the weekend! It's hard to believe that the Queen of Soul isn't 170 years old -- after...
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    It's true! R. Kelly adding to Trapped in the Closet

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    Looks like God has been listening to our prayers: R. Kelly is releasing more chapters to his classic hip hop opera, Trapped in the...
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    Inside Toni Braxton's "I Heart You" video shoot!

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    Toni Braxton is back with a sexy new music video -- and SheKnows was there to capture all the behind the scenes action during the...
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    Jake Gyllenhaal is a serial hipster killer

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    We all know Jake Gyllenhaal has a killer hot body, but he's also a killer -- at least on film. Check out his dark new role in The...
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    Whitney Houston's greatest hits: Video roundup

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    Whitney Houston is dead at the young age of 48, but her incredible vocal gift will live on for generations. Watch the videos of some...
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    Madonna unveils football-themed "Give Me All Your Luvin'" vid

    The Material Girl is back. Check out the video promo for Madonna's new song, "Give Me All Your Luvin'," featuring Nicki Minaj and...
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    BET doesn't want anything to do with Nicki Minaj's new video

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    Censored! The video promo for femcee Nicki Minaj’s controversial new single -- “Stupid H*e” -- has been banned from broadcast on...