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    VIDEO: 5 offensive standards T.I. wants from his "No Mediocre" women

    T.I. has some pretty high standards for his women in his new song "No Mediocre," and they're pretty offensive.
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    Thanks, HBO: Beyoncé returns to TV with X10

    You subscribe to HBeyO, right?
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    VIDEO: OK Go adds another mesmerizing music video to their collection

    OK Go's latest video for "The Writing's on the Wall" is four minutes of eye-popping and mind-altering goodness.
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    VIDEO: Man is all by himself with Celine Dion at airport

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    A guy named Richard Dunn was stuck alone at an airport and decided to remake a super-funny video for Celine Dion's "All By Myself"...
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    GIFs: 5 Boozy moments from Psy and Snoop's "Hangover"

    Psy is back, and this time, he's partying with Snoop Dogg. Yup, you read correctly. The Korean viral sensation is partying it up...
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    REVIEW: Ed Sheeran's a puppet in "Sing" video

    Ed Sheeran has a brand-new music video and it's super funny. What do you think of Sheeran's puppet alter ego?
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    Justin Timberlake wants you in his next video

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    Justin Timberlake wants to feature real love stories from real people in his next video for "Not a Bad Thing."
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    VIDEO: Jay Z and Beyoncé are "on the run"

    Beyoncé and Jay Z want you to forget that anything tabloid-worthy happened last week. They are back to making music and touring...
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    VIDEO: Andrew Garfield puts on a dress for Arcade Fire's "We Exist"

    Ever wonder if Andrew Garfield would make a pretty girl? Neither did we. However, in Arcade Fire's new video, you find out. (Answer:...
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    VIDEO: Kristen Stewart goes country with directorial debut

    Kristen Stewart is changing it up a little bit! The actress recently made the leap from actress to music video director. So cool.
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    8 Most popular Spotify songs you haven't listened to yet

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    Looking to freshen up your playlist? There's a time and a place for feeling "Happy," but if you're tired of the same old, same old...
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    VIDEO: Justin Timberlake honors MJ's moves in new video

    Justin Timberlake honors Michael Jackson's legendary moves in the posthumous video "Love Never Felt So Good," off Jackson's recently...
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    Eminem's "Headlights" video: 16 Tear-inducing moments

    Eminem may seem like a real jerk sometimes, but it turns out he's got a soft spot, especially when it comes to his estranged mother....
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    REVIEW: Ed Sheeran's The Fault in Our Stars track

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    Have you heard Ed Sheeran's contribution to the The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack? It hurts a little. So does the video.
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    VIDEO: Cher Lloyd channels Breaking Bad in "Sirens"

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    Cher Lloyd burst onto The X Factor ages ago and made a sassy impression that had mentor Cheryl Cole stunned. Lloyd has maintained...
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    13 Bizarre GIFs from Miley Cyrus' creepy new video

    Miley Cyrus is always a little out there, but a new video by Quentin Jones shows she has so much more bizarre left to give.
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    VIDEO: Say 'amen' for The Black Keys' "Fever"

    Glory, glory hallelujah! The Black Keys have released the official video for "Fever" and it's knocked us straight off our pews.
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    Sex, drugs and twerking: 2014's most shocking videos so far

    Typically it takes a whole year to accumulate shocking video content. With today's musicians desperately trying to out-raunch each...
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    Estelle on "Make Her Say": "I've never been that naked in a video"

    Grammy Award-winning artist Estelle has a new single out and the video is heating up the internet. We sat down with the singer to...
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    Avril Lavigne laughs off "Hello Kitty" video criticism

    Avril Lavigne took to Twitter to laugh off racist accusations, which began after the release of her "Hello Kitty" music video.