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    Luke Bryan debuts at No. 1 on Billboard!

    We're a little drunk on Luke.
  2. Music

    Taylor Swift parties like she's "22"

    Taylor Swift is ready to party like it's 2012 and she's still 22.
  3. Music

    New: Mumford and Sons' "Whispers in the Dark" video

    Mumford and Sons release their third single from "Babel." (Maybe the radio can play something besides "I Will Wait," now?)
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Justin Bieber cancels concert in Portugal

    Poor Portugal. Looks like someone crushed the hourglass that held Justin's 15 minutes of fame before they had a chance to see him live.
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    CR Smith and other bands to check out at SXSW

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    CR Smith was my neighbor, a church music director and an act I used to book for a summer concert series. Since then, CR has won a...
  6. Music

    Justin Bieber shows up 2 hours late for concert in London

    Justin Bieber leaves fans waiting for two hours. So, Justin, when you say "technical issues," do you mean "napping off a birthday...
  7. Music

    Singer Anastacia's cancer returns after 10 years

    The pop singer successfully beat breast cancer in 2003.
  8. Television

    Morrissey cancels his date with Kimmel , blames Duck Dynasty

    As tour dates and television appearances continue to get canceled, is Morrissey becoming a lame duck?
  9. Music

    Released: Rihanna's steamy music video for "Stay"

    Check out Rihanna's two videos for her new single "Stay." What do you think?
  10. Music

    iTunes passes major milestone

    iTunes meets a major milestone just months before its 10-year anniversary, and vinyl sales are on the rise. Modern, meet vintage....
  11. Television

    PBS presents: Great Performances: Paul Simon 's Graceland

    It's time to go back. Waaaaay back, to the dawn of music! Or, at least to one of the major highlights of Paul Simon's career.
  12. Celebrity Gossip

    Legendary jazz musician Dave Brubeck dies at 91

    Brubeck was set to celebrate his 92nd birthday Thursday, but passed away during a routine doctor's appointment Wednesday morning.
  13. Music

    Editor's video pick: Rita Ora's 'Shine Ya Light'

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    How many of you knew this blonde bombshell hailed from Kosovo? Don't let that British accent mislead you, this artist loves her roots.
  14. Entertainment

    Editor's video pick: Eric Church's 'Springsteen'

    This 2012 Country Music Awards contender has an undeniable hit on his hands.
  15. Music

    Mat Kearney says Young Love reveals painful life lessons

    Mat Kearney took a break from his tour to talk to about his amazing journey from unknown musician to chart-topping...
  16. Music

    Music review: Ellie Goulding's 'Halcyon'

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    Ellie Goulding proves to be an eclectic powerhouse with her latest single and album, "Halcyon."
  17. Music

    Music review: Adele's 'Skyfall'

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    Whether you are a part of the Adele bandwagon or not, she is never going away.
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    Music review: Priyanka Chopra feat. -- "In My City"

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    We know Bollywood loves to copy Hollywood, but can this Indian superstar's original debut album really make it here?
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    Music review: Alex Clare -- "Too Close"

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    Techno beats with elements of hip-hop and pop seem to be music’s latest trend (Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna; David Guetta feat. Nicki...