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    Did plagiarize his new single?

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    My Rating released his new single "Let's Go" on Tuesday, but electronic dance music fans say the whole song is a ripoff.
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    EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Ripp's "When You Fall in Love" music video

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    Check out our exclusive debut of the video for Andrew Ripp's new song, "When You Fall in Love."
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    Jay-Z debuts new single "Open Letter"

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    Dear Haters, Here's my response. Love, Jay-Z.
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    Is Adele back in the studio?

    Adele is turning 25 this year and rumor has it that she just went back into the studio to record a new album.
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    Brad Paisley and LL Cool J's "Accidental Racism"

    Whoopsie! Brad Paisley's new song has landed him in a bit of hot water. What'd he do?
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    Music review: M83 feat. Susanne Sundfør "Oblivion"

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    The soundtrack for the upcoming sci-fi flick Oblivion has been released, and the title track is out of this world.
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    The Flaming Lips and Ke$ha team up for new album

    The Flaming Lips and Ke$ha worked together on a 2012 song. But the band likes the singer so much, they have reportedly decided to do...
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    Snoop Lion and Miley Cyrus collaborate on new song

    The 41-year-old rapper-turned-reggae-singer and the 20-year-old pop star have decided to team up on not just one, but two, songs....
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    Paramore grows up with new album

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    The band returns after a four-year break, and with as much talent as ever. Their fans should be pleasantly surprised with the new,...
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    New Kings of Leon album due out in September

    When we last left the boys from Oklahoma in 2011, rumors of a Kings of Leon split were rampant, and the band's wasn’t looking very...
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    Queens of the Stone Age to release first album in 6 Years

    With their first new album since 2007’s Era Vulgaris , rock band Queens of the Stone Age are back and bigger than ever in 2013.
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    David Bowie returns with new album, The Next Day

    The legendary musician went 10 years without releasing new music, but his new album proves he is just as talented as when he first...
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    My Chemical Romance announce the end of the band

    My Chemical Romance has been out of the spotlight since their last album, in 2010. A breakup has been long suspected, and now it's...
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    DJ Steve Aoki talks new album and tour

    DJ Steve Aoki talks to us about working on his latest album, heading out on tour this year and all the various ways he's donating to...
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    Rozzi Crane talks about Maroon 5 and her rise to the top

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    Rozzi Crane not only has the backing of her mentor, Maroon 5's Adam Levine, she's hitting the road with the band and making her way...
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    Justin Timberlake promises more new music is on the way

    Justin Timberlake is full of surprises.
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    Michelle Shocked's anti-gay rant at San Francisco concert

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    Michelle Shocked stunned her San Francisco audience on Sunday night with an anti-gay rant that caused most of the crowd to leave...
  18. Television

    RIHANNA 777 television special takes flight on May 6

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    Rihanna fans will get an inside look at the singer's tour with behind-the-scenes footage of her seven cities in seven days...
  19. Television

    The Sing-Off renewed for fourth season!

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    Meet Pentatonix... and prepare for another round of The Sing-Off!
  20. Music

    Luke Bryan debuts at No. 1 on Billboard!

    We're a little drunk on Luke.