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    INTERVIEW: Vince Vaughn dispatches on Delivery Man

    Beloved funnyman Vince Vaughn plays David Wozniak in this new film about a man who discovers his sperm was incredibly popular at a...
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    INTERVIEW: Which Catching Fire actor ties a perfect noose?

    We sat down with Finnick and Johanna to find out what kind of pressure they felt when playing these beloved characters and to hear...
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    Catching Fire's Francis Lawrence answers: Does the movie stay true to the book?

    We sat down with the film's director, who's currently in the middle of filming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 . Watch our...
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    INTERVIEW: Banks won't make eye contact with teen girls

    Elizabeth Banks has some new rules for herself, given her wild success as Effie Trinket in last year's The Hunger Games . Watch our...
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    INTERVIEW: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 's Bruno Gunn

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    SheKnows' own Lauren Kelly sat down with Bruno Gunn, who plays the role of Brutus in the most anticipated film of the fall. Find out...
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    EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Alexis Bledel & Saoirse Ronan are killer BFFs

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    Alexis Bledel and Saoirse Ronan discuss their roles in this surreal tale about teen assassins, working with the late James...
  7. Toddler & Preschoolers

    Our favorite kid-friendly flicks

    This holiday season, round up the family for a movie night that's sure to satisfy both young and old. We love these unique and...
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    SheKnows steals an interview from the stars of The Book Thief

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    This beloved book finally makes its way to the cinema with Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson and new-comer 13-year-old Sophie...
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    5 Things to know before seeing Thor: The Dark World

    This highly anticipated sequel to 2011's Thor definitely lives up to the hype. Read on to find out a few important details Thor...
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    INTERVIEW: The cast of The Starving Games

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    What happens when a movie takes itself too seriously? It gets a spoof, of course! The dudes who brought us the Scary Movie...
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    The Book Thief : 5 Differences between the book and film

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    If you’ve read Markus Zusak’s #1 bestselling book, you already have your Kleenex ready for the movie. How exactly do the filmmaker’s...
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    5 Things to know before seeing Ender's Game

    Many of us have read the book, but there are a few things you should know if you haven't, especially when it comes to insect-like...
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    5 Things to know before seeing Dallas Buyers Club

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    In the early days of the AIDS epidemic, doctors struggled to find the best way to treat this deadly disease. In this emotionally...
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    EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Passion 's killer lesbians

    We all know that one woman at the office who is willing to backstab other women just to get ahead. Think about how much worse it...
  15. Travel

    Road-trip movies we love

    Gearing up for a road trip? Get in the motoring frame of mind with one of our favorite road-trip movies!
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    Ender's Game controversy: Who doesn't want you to see it?

    The website Geeks OUT is urging movie goers to boycott Ender’s Game for author Orson Scott Card’s controversial views on gay...
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    Ender's Game : 10 Weird things that happen to a body in space

    In the new sci-fi film, Ender Wiggin is Earth's best hope to fight against insect-like alien creatures called "Buggers." Ender,...
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    Cameron Diaz drives bizarre sex scene in The Counselor

    Known mostly for her comedic roles, Cameron Diaz plays a huntress out for the kill in this new movie. Not only does she play a...
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    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Free Birds are fearsome fowl on the prowl

    What happens when a pardoned turkey goes back in time to the first Thanksgiving in hopes of getting turkey off the menu? Owen...
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    Naomi Watts creates rare portrait of a princess in Diana

    Naomi Watts stars as the enigmatic princess in this new biopic that centers on the last two years of Diana’s life before her tragic...