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    John Krasinski gushes about "incredible" wife Emily Blunt

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    Big Miracle’s John Krasinski shows us why playing the nice guy is always a winning role in real life and on screen.
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    Movie review: Chronicle

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    What happens when three teenage boys find themselves with super powers? Probably not what you think. Chronicle is a smart,...
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    Engaged and excited: Drew Barrymore's Valentine’s Day plans

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    Drew Barrymore is known for always being cheerful and bubbly, but with a ring on her finger and love in her heart, the Big Miracle...
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    Exclusive clip: Madonna's W.E. looks back in time

    SheKnows brings you this exclusive clip from W.E., the Madonna-directed love story about a woman obsessed with the love affair of...
  5. Relationships

    The rom-com challenge

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    Here’s a list of our favorite 29 romantic comedies of all time. This month, we challenge you and your significant other to watch one...
  6. Family Fun

    Best feel-good family movies

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    Next time you are going to sit down with your family to watch a movie, skip the action flicks or corny comedies and instead watch a...
  7. Family Fun

    Top 8 Family movies for 2012

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    Going to the movies is always a fun way to spend time with your kids. In 2012, we'll see plenty of sequels and some old favorites...
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    Demi Moore cast in porn movie -- without the XXX rating

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    Demi Moore has joined the cast of Lovelace , a big screen biopic about the life of adult film darling Linda Lovelace. Moore, an...
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    Casting alert: Justin Timberlake to play Elton John?

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    Elton John is working on a biography film about his life and would like Justin Timberlake to take on the lead role, he said in an...
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    Top 5 new Redbox DVDs: Final Destination 5 cheats death

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    Don't let the holiday blues get you down when you can watch the newest action, drama and raunch-com movies out this week on...
  11. Family Fun

    7 Best kids' movies of 2011

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    This year, we saw a number of fantastic family films. If you haven't seen all these movies yet, catch them on DVD. Here are our...
  12. Family Fun

    7 Worst kids' movies of 2011

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    In 2011, we saw some fabulous kids' movies like Rango , Rio and The Muppets . However, there were also some real duds released...
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    Sam Worthington's hairy look in Wrath of the Titans trailer

    Sam Worthington is back for another assault on Greek mythology. We're getting our first look at Warner Bros.' 2012 action sequel,...
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    First trailer for The Hobbit arrives

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey follows title character Bilbo Baggins, who is swept into an epic quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf...
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    A storm's coming, Mr. Wayne: The Dark Knight Rises trailer

    Attention Batman Fanatics: The moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived. The Caped Crusader returns in the first full...
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    Movie review: Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-wrecked

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    Jason Lee is back -- and stranded on an island to boot -- with his three favorite furry little pop singers in Alvin and the...
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    The Help sweeps Screen Actors Guild nominations

    It's official: Awards season is fully upon us. On Wednesday morning, Regina King and Judy Greer announced the nominees for the 2012...
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    Amy Winehouse biopic: Dad says, No, No, No

    Amy at the box office? Not if her dad has his way! Rumors of an Amy Winehouse movie have been shot down by the famed singer's father.
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    No Twihard! James Franco rips Breaking Dawn

    " Breaking Dawn worship" is the intellectual equivalent of holding a great big "loser stick." That's what James Franco thinks...
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    Austin Powers: International Man of Musical?

    Mike Myers, the writer and star of the Austin Powers film franchise, is in talks to adapt the spy satire into a Broadway stage...