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    Won't Back Down movie review: Moms with a mission

    Inspired by true events, this movie shows how two moms, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis, find the courage to change a failing...
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    Hotel Transylvania movie review: Overprotective bloodsucker

    This ghoulish getaway for monsters is the perfect movie to kick off the Halloween season. Adam Sandler voices Drac, a single-dad...
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    Looper movie review: Bruce Willis’ homely honker

    Set in the future, this time-travel trailblazer demands paying attention to the details. We get to experience a character at...
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    Pitch Perfect movie review: Hits all the high notes

    The awesome pop songs in this movie are cleverly mashed up and will have you singing in your seat. Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and...
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    House at the End of the Street movie review: Listen to mom!

    This moody, creepy teen flick will keep you guessing until the dark and bitter end. Jennifer Lawrence proves once again why she’s...
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    Trouble With The Curve movie review: Clint talks to a baseball

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    Clint hits a home run in this baseball movie with a daughter looking to connect with a father who never committed to her after her...
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    About Cherry movie review: Sex, lies and digital video

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    This meditative indie flick follows the life of a teen girl from a bad home as she tries to save herself. The good news is that she...
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    The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie review: A boy blossoms

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    This delicate coming-of-age movie stars Harry Potter’s Emma Watson as the manic-pixie-dream-girl who serves as the catalyst for one...
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    End of Watch movie review: Thrill ride in a police car

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    This high adrenaline, high-stakes, ultrarealistic police drama is one of the year’s best films. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and...
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    Weekend activity: See Finding Nemo 3D

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    Everyone's favorite clownfish and all of his friends are back in theaters on September 14. This time, Nemo's adventures are even...
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    The Master movie review: What master do you serve?

    Writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood) tells the story of an eloquent scam artist who dabbles in...
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    Arbitrage movie review: Bernie Madoff move over

    When a man takes risks with his family, is there any way to hedge his bets? Richard Gere strikes like a king cobra as New York...
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    10 Years movie review: High school highs and lows

    This ensemble dramedy is about facing your high school peers and fears 10 years after graduation. The whole story takes place on one...
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    The Cold Light of Day movie review: Hunky Henry warms up

    Remember hottie Henry Cavill from The Tudors ? He’s back staring in this action flick set in Spain that will no doubt leave you...
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    The Words movie review: Bradley Cooper takes the low road

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    This literary melodrama tells a story within a story within a story, attempting to heighten the drama of each morality tale. But...
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    Bachelorette movie review: Catfight in dyed shoes

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    Three besties go wild in Manhattan the night before their friend’s wedding in a movie that takes the wedding party to whole new...
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    For a Good Time Call movie review: Phone frenemies

    Forget shopping and cocktails; bonding over phone sex is the hot new gal-pal activity, at least according to this funny,...
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    Little Birds movie review: Two teens leave the nest

    This film was a darling of the Sundance Film Festival for its ability to capture a complex teen on a dangerous journey of...
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    Premium Rush movie review: Tour de Manhattan

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a bike messenger with a mission: Make one very special delivery while being chased by a crooked cop who...
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    The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure movie review:

    This movie brings interactive song and dance to a theater near you. Kids in the audience are encouraged by animated butterflies to...