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    Lincoln movie review: A complex man is brought to light

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    Taking place in the final months of the 16th president’s term in office, Lincoln provides a window into this complicated, somber...
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    Skyfall movie review: The dark chocolate of Bond films

    In the darkest, moodiest 007 to date, themes of mortality and redemption play out as Daniel Craig and Judi Dench uphold classical...
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    Flight movie review: Denzel goes on one hell of a ride

    With one of the most impressively terrifying plane crashes ever put on film, Denzel is at his best playing the complicated anti-hero...
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    Wreck-It Ralph movie review: Q-Bert’s back!

    Ever wondered what happens to those video game characters when the game is over? This gem from Disney explores the hidden realm of...
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    Fun Size movie review: A nod to John Hughes

    It’s unusual for a Halloween movie to be a comedy, but this October flick trades in ghosts and goblins for a teen Halloween...
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    Cloud Atlas movie review: We are all connected

    This uplifting film pushes the boundaries of storytelling by connecting five stories over 500 years. If you believe a butterfly’s...
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    Chasing Mavericks movie review: Not just another surf movie

    With spectacular footage of near tsunami-sized waves, this movie is based on a true story that will inspire you to dig deep and face...
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    That’s What She Said movie review: Lizzy Borden’s Flying Circus

    Life as a single woman in your 40s is difficult, especially for this trio of lusty ladies led by Anne Heche down a spiraling path of...
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    Paranormal Activity 4 movie review: Don't see it alone!

    Scaredy-cats beware: This movie is the real deal in terms of providing creepy crack to horror junkies. This is definitely the best...
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    The Sessions movie review: 38-year-old virgin?

    I've never seen a film like The Sessions. It explores sex and love in a way no other story could. Though some moments are incredibly...
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    3, 2, 1... Frankie Go Boom movie review: Un-brotherly love

    Mega-hottie Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy stars in this quirky, indie film. But don't expect to see him clad in leather,...
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    Here Comes the Boom movie review: Kevin James doing MMA?

    This uplifting movie is about a high school teacher who risks life and limb in a fighting cage to help his students keep their music...
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    Argo movie review: Ben Affleck the new Warren Beatty?

    This movie is based on a real covert rescue mission to bring home six displaced Americans who narrowly escaped being taken prisoner...
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    Seven Psychopaths movie review: Savagely satiating

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    In this delightful dude-driven, Adaptation -meets- Pulp Fiction -inspired flick, convention gets thrown out the car window as Colin...
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    Taken 2 takes the weekend box office

    A sequel tops this weekend's box office as Tim Burton suffers his second film disappointment in 2012.
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    The Paperboy review: Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron!

    Set in 1960s rural Florida, this sexy, sordid tale of lust and bad luck surprises and shocks so disturbingly you can’t look away....
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    Taken 2 movie review: Kidnapped again!

    Liam Neeson is back as a bad-a** ex-CIA agent in this fast-paced action thriller. However, this time he’s been kidnapped, and his...
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    Butter movie review: One hot-buttered b****!

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    A Midwestern butter-carving contest melts out of control when one desperate housewife conspires to lie, cheat on her husband, and...
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    Frankenweenie movie review: A new leash on life

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    Goth filmmaker Tim Burton brings good old Halloween fun to this homage to American horror movies. Martin Landau creates old-school...
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    Hotel Transylvania bites off competition for top box office spot

    Halloween is just around the corner, and Hotel Transylvania proves vampires never go out of style. This Dracula-and-daughter...