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    Identity Thief movie review: Melissa McCarthy goes phishing

    Melissa McCarthy steals big laughs as she assumes Jason Bateman’s identity, creating a riotous nightmare for him, but a great time...
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    Side Effects movie review: Sanity check

    This psychological thriller is full of twists and turns as a young woman battles her depression with medication. In a complex world...
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    Identity Thief is thievery at its comedic best

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    Hold on to your credit cards, Social Security documents and passport. On Feb. 8, you will be reminded just how crazy identity fraud...
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    Stand Up Guys movie review: Alan Arkin has a threesome

    When three aging mobsters reunite after one is released from prison, it’s not long before they're back to their old ways, stealing...
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    Warm Bodies movie review: Love in the time of zombies

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    Just in time for Valentine’s day comes a never before imagined version of Romeo and Juliet, where romance, horror and comedy all...
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    Movie 43 movie review: Emma Stone gets a hickey on her vajayjay

    This raunchy comedy is a teenage boy’s wet dream. Naked women, leprechauns and the most poop and fart jokes ever compiled into a...
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    Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters movie review: The dark arts in 3D

    In this reimagining of the classic fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel aren’t your average Grimm waifs. Jeremy Renner’s Hansel carries a...
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    Parker movie review: To catch a thief

    Based on a series of books by Donald E. Westlake, this action flick plays out in a world where diamonds are a girl’s best friend and...
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    Broken City movie review: Bad mayor

    What do you do when the mayor of New York City is bad to the bone? Mark Wahlberg goes head to head with Russell Crowe, collecting...
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    Mama movie review: Jessica Chastain has “mommy issues”

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    In this visually compelling and frightening film, two little girls get taken in by a ghost-mother, whose on-screen presence is...
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    Prosecuting Casey Anthony movie review: Not so Bella Vita

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    What seemed like a slam-dunk case turned out to be far more complicated than anyone could have imagined — especially for prosecutor...
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    Gangster Squad movie review: The battle for Emma Stone

    It’s 1949 and a new gangster is in the City of Angeles. Mickey Cohen is a thug who has it all – drugs, power, a hot girl – until...
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    Quartet movie review: Don’t die until you die.

    This sage advice comes from one of the film’s stars, Billy Connolly, as he reflects on his own aging process. With septuagenarian...
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    Zero Dark Thirty movie review: Time to catch bin Laden

    Detailing the most extensive manhunt in perhaps all of history, this film is told through the eyes of a woman CIA agent, who will...
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    Promised Land movie review: Dead cows and big lies

    This film takes on one of the most controversial natural gas drilling techniques, called “fracking,” that’s known for its big...
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    Parental Guidance movie review: Grandpa unchained

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    Now that time-outs have become more en vogue than spankings, here’s a comedy starring the fabulously funny Bette Midler and Billy...
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    Les Miserables movie review: And the Oscar goes to…

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    This outstanding film version of the much loved musical boasts some of the world’s most talented actors, who also have lungs of...
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    Django Unchained movie review: Bold and bloody

    Quentin Tarantino takes on slavery in this wildly violent love story set in antebellum south. Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio face...
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    On the Road movie review: Sex, drugs and beat poetry

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    Before there were hippies, there were beatniks – American youths who experimented with drugs and free love to a soundtrack of jazz...
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    This is 40 review: Mammograms, hemorrhoids and cupcakes

    Judd Apatow’s comedy about the nitty-gritty of marriage and aging really hits home. Good thing there are plenty of awkward moments...