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    Battle of the flicks: White House Down VS. The Heat

    A chick-powered comedy opens against an intense action flick starring Channing Tatum, mostly in a tank top. Should you plunk down...
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    White House Down movie review: Tank top down

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    Channing Tat-YUM is on a mission to save his daughter, the White House and the world in this action-packed thriller. Our only...
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    The Heat movie review: The Fed meets the fuzz

    Sandra Bullock partners with Melissa McCarthy in this riotous cop/buddy comedy that has criminals playing Russian roulette with...
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    World War Z movie review: Zombies in the zeitgeist

    This must-see apocalyptic action thriller starring Brad Pitt zings with visceral terror in 3D and strikes a frightening chord in our...
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    Monsters University movie review: The screams of Sallie Mae

    This pleasurable prequel to Monster’s, Inc. goes back in time to when a young Mike and Sulley attended a School for Scaring. Pixar...
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    Man of Steel movie review: Henry Cavill "steels" our hearts

    That’s right ladies, British actor Henry Cavill is so darn hot, you won’t notice the movie’s story flaws or flimsy premise. With...
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    Battle of the flicks: Man of Steel vs. This Is the End

    A new genre of horror-comedy faces a challenging weekend at the box office as it goes against a beloved American superhero. Should...
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    The Bling Ring movie review: Fame, cocaine and Louboutins

    Using Google Maps, TMZ and Facebook, several San Fernando Valley teens managed to heist nearly $3 million worth of clothing, jewelry...
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    This Is the End movie review: Doomsday laughers

    56 cans of beer. One Milky Way bar. Zero chance of survival. This slack-pack of actors play heightened versions of themselves as...
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    The Internship movie review: Do no evil

    Hollywood loves its bromance with popular brands, particularly when a product pays to be shown in a movie. But Google claims it...
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    Battle of the flicks: The Internship vs. Much Ado About Nothing

    One of America's funniest comedy duos is back, only instead of crashing weddings, they're interning at Google. But Vince Vaughn and...
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    Much Ado About Nothing review: Beatrice kicks Buffy’s butt

    Was Beatrice a prototype for vampire-slayer Buffy? If you think of fang-banger Buffy as sharp-tongued, crafty and totally sexy, then...
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    After Earth movie review: Go, Daddy... Seriously, go away

    The Smiths again play father and son in this sci-fi flick that has humans returning to Earth 1000 years after cataclysmic events...
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    Battle of the flicks: Now You See Me vs. After Earth

    Will and Jaden Smith star again as father and son in a sci-fi flick that opens against a magical heist movie this weekend, starring...
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    Now You See Me movie review: Do you believe in magic?

    This crime thriller about a troupe of rebellious — and darn fine-looking — magicians who steal from the rich and give to the poor is...
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    Battle of the flicks: Epic vs. The Hangover Part III

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    A beautiful animated film about a magical forest in 3D hits theaters this weekend along with the third installment in The Hangover...
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    Epic movie review: Little people, big forest

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    This adventure in 3D makes for good family fun as the forest comes alive with tiny elflike creatures called Leafmen. Amanda...
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    The Hangover Part 3 movie review: Mr. Chow goes full frontal!

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    This third installment in what was the hands-down funniest R-rated comedy franchise ever breaks from its traditional structure of...
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    Star Trek Into Darkness movie review: Boldly go into 3D

    The second film in the Star Trek revamp warp-speeds through the universe, bringing intense action scenes, futuristic fashions, and...
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    The Great Gatsby movie review: Flapper Rapper in 3D

    This wild new interpretation of the famed book takes the Roaring 20s to new heights with what may be the best film soundtrack this...