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    Movie review: John Carter

    Based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ ( Tarzan ) adventure stories, John Carter is a film full of visual delights. More of a Western than...
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    Movie review: Friends with Kids

    When two platonic friends decide to raise a baby together, what could go wrong? Lots, of course! Writer/director/actress Jennifer...
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    Movie review: Seeking Justice

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    Nicolas Cage and January Jones star in this vigilante thriller that will have you questioning your own appetite for revenge. Is it...
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    Movie review: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

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    When an eccentric sheikh decides to spend 50 million clams to bring salmon fishing to the Yemeni desert, a fish expert finds himself...
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    Movie review: The Lorax

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    Meet The Lorax. He’s a mustached, orange ball of fluff whose sole purpose is to protect trees. Brilliantly voiced by Danny DeVito,...
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    Movie review: Gone

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    Amanda Seyfried stars in this tricky psychological thriller, where a mentally unstable young woman must fight for her sister's life....
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    Movie review: Act of Valor

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    There have been plenty of films made about Navy SEALs, but arguably none more authentic than Act of Valor . The U.S. Navy SEALs...
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    Movie review: Wanderlust

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    When happily married New Yorkers Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston find themselves at a hippy commune, you’ll be laughing -- and...
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    Movie review: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

    Johnny Blaze has a problem. He sold his soul to the devil and like most Faustian deal-makers, he’ll do anything to get it back....
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    Movie review: The Secret World of Arrietty

    In The Secret World of Arrietty , a sickly young boy finds a mysterious world hidden under his floorboards and makes a beautifully...
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    Movie review: This Means War

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    When two CIA agents fall for the same girl, a high-tech sabotage game is on! Reese Witherspoon stars as the vertex in this hilarious...
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    Movie review: Safe House

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    Safe House opens with a bang! The action immediately throws the audience into this cat and mouse game, where sometimes the mouse...
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    Movie review: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

    Who’s up for an adventure? Hard-body-hottie Dwayne Johnson is! He will take you and your family on a spectacular trek in Journey 2:...
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    Movie review: The Vow

    Boy meets girl, girl loses her memory, will boy win her heart -- again? The Vow is an ardent love story, inspired by the...
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    Movie review: The Woman in Black

    Daniel Radcliffe gets his creepy on in The Woman in Black .
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    Movie review: Chronicle

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    What happens when three teenage boys find themselves with super powers? Probably not what you think. Chronicle is a smart,...
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    Movie review: Big Miracle

    Inspired by a true story from 1988, Big Miracle is an amazing feat of human ingenuity and teamwork.
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    Movie review: One for the Money

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    Adorable Katherine Heigl becomes a stage five stalker -- for hire! -- when she hunts down her ex-boyfriend in One for the Money.
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    Movie review: Man on a Ledge

    Hot and scruffy Sam Worthington, who plays an ex-cop on the run, takes a leap of faith in hopes of clearing his tarnished name in...
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    Movie review: The Grey

    No, we're not talking about a werewolf -- REAL wolves are hunting down Liam Neeson in the new thriller The Grey.