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    Hit and Run movie review: GEICO Gecko-approved

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    Delicious Dax Shepard not only stars in but wrote the screenplay for and co-directs his fiancee Kristen Bell in this cute and clever...
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    Cosmopolis review: Asymmetric prostate as metaphor?

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    With the help of Robert Pattinson, director David Cronenberg tackles financial collapse along with the meaning of human connection...
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    ParaNorman movie review: Kid sees dead people in 3D

    This frightfully funny film made with stop-motion animation dazzles in 3D! Kids of all ages will laugh their way through this spooky...
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    Sparkle movie review: We miss you, Whitney!

    American Idol winner Jordan Sparks sparkles in this remake, but she's no Whitney Houston. The late pop diva steals the spotlight in...
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    The Odd Life of Timothy Green movie review: Organically grown!

    When Geppetto wanted a son, he carved one out of wood. In this fairy tale for the 21st century, a couple plants their hopes for a...
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    The Campaign movie review: A vote for funny

    This R-rated comedy has just the right amount of sleazy one-liners, selfish motives and viral sex tapes to feel like a real...
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    The Bourne Legacy movie review: The spy who I wish loved me

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    It’s no secret there’s no Jason Bourne in this latest installment of the Bourne franchise. But you won’t catch SheKnows crying over...
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    2 Days in New York movie review: French and funky

    Julie Delpy shacks up with Chris Rock and tries to stay sane despite her eccentric French family coming to visit while she plans to...
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    Hope Springs movie review: Movie may save your marriage

    This film is a delightful comedy that is about something deep: the fate of a marriage. Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones give...
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    Craigslist Joe movie review: The kindness of strangers

    31 days. No money. No outside help. One man decides to put his fate in the hands of Craigslist. Produced by comedian Zach...
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    Total Recall movie review: Futuristic, fiery and fierce!

    Colin Farrell takes over the Schwarzenegger role in this remake of the iconic sci-fi film, but it’s Kate Beckinsale who steals the...
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    Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days movie review: Giggle time

    School’s out for wimpy kid Greg and his whole family seems to be doing everything they can to ruin his summer! Full of hilarious...
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    The Babymakers movie review: Sperm bank job

    What do two gay dads, a sperm bank and the Indian mafia have in common? They’re all part of the craziest plan to get pregnant ever...
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    Celeste and Jesse Forever movie review: She's complicated

    Parks and Rec’s Rashida Jones makes her screenwriting debut in this anti-romcom as a woman who struggles to relinquish control over...
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    The Dark Knight Rises movie review: Hello, Kitty!

    In Christopher Nolan’s final installment in the Batman trilogy, this winged superhero takes on the 1%, terrorism and two sexy women...
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    Ice Age: Continental Drift movie review: Wise cracks

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    Nicki Minaj, Drake and JLo bring big fun to this frosty franchise as one family struggles to stay together in a Pleistocene...
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    Savages movie review: Two pot dealers and a girl

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    Savages is about what you think -- people who are cruel, hostile and have reverted to a more animal nature. Which is ironic given...
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    Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D movie review -- hope rules

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    This candy-punk princess will inspire you and steal your heart. From gospel to kissing girls, Katy is full of hope, talent and big...
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    Ted movie review: dirty Fozzie is the hot new sex position

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    Very! This down and dirty comedy takes a plush toy to new comedic heights with the help of Family Guy ’s Seth MacFarlane and hottie...
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    Magic Mike movie review: Under Channing's spell

    Inspired by Channing Tatum’s own stripper past, this movie dazzles with Tatum’s mesmerizing dance moves, Matthew McConaughey’s...