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    New Star Trek Into Darkness international trailer takes us on a manhunt

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    Manhunt alert! J.J. Abrams launches his latest Star Trek brainchild Star Trek Into Darkness in IMAX 3D on May 15 and in theaters...
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    Monsters University : The prequel to Mike and Sully's friendship

    Monster class is in session beginning June 21.
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    The Sapphires : Funnyman Chris O'Dowd sings!

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    In The Sapphires , which hits theaters March 22, Chris O'Dowd shows off his singing voice, proving that in addition to being a...
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    The Bling Ring : Inside the minds of Hollywood-obsessed teens

    Find out what it's like to live like a celebrity even if it means breaking the law in The Bling Ring , out in limited release on...
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    Exclusive sneak peek at Upside Down

    Upside Down shows us how opposites attract in theaters March 15. Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess are a dynamic couple in this...
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    Willow 's 25th anniversary: Where are they now?

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    Hot off the heels of his success as Iceman in 1986’s Top Gun, Val Kilmer landed his next iconic role two years later in a little...
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    Spielberg is turning Kubrick's Napoleon film into a miniseries

    Spielberg is finishing (and expanding) his hero's work.
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    Will Emma Watson be the new Cinderella?

    Now all we need is the Prince and a Fairy Godmother.
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    SheKnows tours the palace from Jack the Giant Slayer

    Jack the Giant Slayer , starring Nicholas Hoult and Ewan McGregor, was shot at the Hampton Court Palace in London. Once home to the...
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    How to look like a zombie: My Warm Bodies set visit makeover

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    SheKnows Correspondent Whitney English gets a horrifying makeover in Montreal on the set of February’s “zombie love story” Warm...
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    Angelina Jolie set to direct World War II-era film

    It looks like the actress is directing more and more films, and her next one will be a true story that is almost too incredible to...
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    Anchorman 2 gets a release date and a possible new co-star

    Anchorman came out in 2004, and fans have been waiting since then to see the second one. It looks like the wait is almost over.
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    Tyler Perry's Temptation explores nature of desire

    Tyler Perry sets his efforts on a twisted, provocative plot delving into the consequences of sex, sin and obsession. Kim...
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    Music review: Adele's 'Skyfall'

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    Whether you are a part of the Adele bandwagon or not, she is never going away.
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    Paul Rudd rumored to star with Tina Fey!

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    Paul Rudd is in talks to co-star with Tina Fey in a new film. Fey's already signed on to star in Focus Features' new comedy-drama...
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    Hollywood rehash: American Psycho set for remake

    Lionsgate Entertainment has announced plans to remake the horror-thriller American Psycho . The cult favorite is best known for its...
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    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

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    Virgin Bella and Gentleman Edward get married and take things to the next level. The passion has been building -- can your child...
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    Netflix backtracks: one website, one account, one password

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    Netflix raised an uproar with price hikes and a company split, but now they're backtracking. Subscribers have spoken and Netflix is...
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    Courageous takes on fatherhood and religion

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    Four law enforcement officers learn that finding courage on the streets is sometimes easier than coming through as a good father in...
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    Morgan Freeman shows environmental passion in Dolphin Tale

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    Morgan Freeman is Dr. McCarthy in Dolphin Tale, a man with a vision of creating a prosthetic tail for a dolphin named Winter who...