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    VIDEO: Endless Love's Alex Pettyfer and sex scenes: Was he intimidated?

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    We sat down with British hottie Alex Pettyfer to talk about his new movie and get the skinny on those steamy sex scenes.
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    RoboCop drama: Why did Michael Keaton call Joel Kinnaman a b****?

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    Joel Kinnaman got a dose of tough love on the RoboCop set. He tells SheKnows about the time he was scolded by co-star Michael...
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    Watch Gary Oldman be the cutest "old man" ever

    Gary Oldman made his American debut to audiences as punk rocker Sid Vicious in the film Sid and Nancy , way back in 1986. Now, the...
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    Old RoboCop vs. new: How are they different?

    We sat down with actors Joel Kinnaman and Gary Oldman to find out how this remake of the classic action film compares to the 1987...
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    Star Trek 's George Takei gives Oscar un-predictions

    The original space explorer, George Takei, has been busy lately. He's premiering his documentary To be Takei at Sundance, and...
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    VIDEO: How is Monuments Men like Ocean's Eleven ?

    Just because a story plucked from history is interesting, it doesn't necessarily make for an entertaining Hollywood film. Find out...
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    Matt Damon has a "don't poke the bear" policy for George Clooney

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    Matt Damon teams up with the uber-talented George Clooney to bring a little-known but true story from World War II to the big...
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    Girl Crush Extra: Mackenzie Davis on Miles Teller's "white, naked butt"

    Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan are three of Hollywood's hottest actors. Rising star Mackenzie Davis sat down with...
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    What Labor Day author had Josh Brolin do with his hands

    We sat down with author Joyce Maynard to find out why teaching Josh Brolin, who plays an escaped murderer, to bake a pie was so...
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    INTERVIEW: Why Yvonne Strahovski stuck needles in Aaron Eckhart

    Known for her work on the hit TV show Dexter , this Aussie actress certainly studied Shakespeare in acting school, but definitely...
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    INTERVIEW: Kaya Scodelario: Jessica Biel too 'Hollywood'?

    The British actress plays the lead role of Emanuel, a 17-year-old girl whose first line of dialogue is, "I murdered my mother," and...
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    Hercules ' Kellan Lutz: I am definitely not the hottest guy ever

    This week, Kellan Lutz headlines The Legend of Hercules . The film required him to get in godlike shape, and he's telling SheKnows...
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    INTERVIEW: Christian Bale confesses: I fear I'll fall on my a** one day

    Christian Bale began his career as a child actor doing TV commercials in England. Today, he's one of Hollywood's hottest stars and...
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    INTERVIEW: Amy Adams: It's powerful being a sex symbol

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    Amy Adams finds her sexual power in this new film, where she almost seems like a lioness on the hunt (cue Katy Perry's "Roar")! We...
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    INTERVIEW: How much of American Hustle was improvised?

    Director David O. Russell stunned audiences with last year's Silver Linings Playbook . Looks like he has another success on his...
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    INTERVIEW: Christian Bale spills on his chemistry with Jennifer Lawrence

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    Things get really heated on screen between Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence, despite their near 20-year age difference. Watch...
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    INTERVIEW: Emma Thompson flashes Saving Mr. Banks cast

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    We sat down with B.J. Novak and Jason Schwartzman — as well as the film's director, John Lee Hancock — to find out what working with...
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    INTERVIEW: Collin Farrell refused to bring the "bottle" home

    Colin Farrell plays the alcoholic father of Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers in the new film Saving Mr. Banks . We sat down with...
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    INTERVIEW: Woody Harrelson says it's ridiculous to give a s*** about awards season

    We sat down with Woody and found out he initially turned down this film, despite loving the script. Watch our interview to find out...
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    INTERVIEW: Christian Bale's "life ends up as utter crap"

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    Revenge is a dish best served cold. Most of us would agree — but not Christian Bale. We sat down with the ex- Batman star to find...