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    INTERVIEW: Cameron Diaz gives a very interesting take on monogamy

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    We sat down with the stars of the new comedy to get their takes on monogamy and find out if the old adage, "Once a cheater, always a...
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    Drake Bell reveals why he didn't crash and burn like Justin Bieber

    Most know Drake Bell from TV, but he's also a committed rock musician. We sat down with the actor-rocker to find out about his new...
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    Joe Manganiello on Arnold Schwarzenegger bromance: "I can go as nasty as I want"

    Ever since Magic Mike , Joe Manganiello has lived in our collective psyche as a massively sexy superhero stripper. But preparing...
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    Disney producers weigh in on Caucasian princess controversy

    We sat down with Frozen producers, Michael Giaimo and Peter Del Vecho, to find out how to create a lasting Disney princess,...
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    Benedict Cumberbatch in  Frozen 2 ? The writers reveal the actors they'd want

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    SheKnows has Frozen 2 on the brain. We asked directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck about a possible sequel and its dream cast.
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    INTERVIEW: The cast of Divergent tells us what it takes to be Dauntless

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    How brave are the stars of Divergent ? Many of them believe they're tough enough to be part of Dauntless. Apparently, it's not as...
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    Who would win: Beatrice or Katniss? Shailene Woodley reveals

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    We sat down with 2014 "It girl" Shailene Woodley to get the dirt on being Dauntless.
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    Amy Smart, Wendi McLendon-Covey share their most rebellious teen stories

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    The movie's about a group of single moms who come together when their kids get into trouble at school. We convinced the stars of the...
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    INTERVIEW: Kathryn Hahn on "hot, janitor's-closet sex" with Jason Bateman

    Veteran actor Jason Bateman makes his directorial debut in this film, carefully selecting Kathryn Hahn as his co-star. We sat down...
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    INTERVIEW: Will you be offended by Bad Words ? Jason Bateman thinks so

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    Jason Bateman has a lot to say in his latest film, Bad Words . The actor tells SheKnows all about his unlikeable, yet relatable,...
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    INTERVIEW: Why Ty Burrell considers himself a "real a**"

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    In Mr. Peabody & Sherman , Ty Burrell plays the smartest man (dog) in the room. Unfortunately, Peabody's intellect and coolness...
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    Jennifer Lawrence's advice to Prim actress Willow Shields

    To celebrate the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on DVD, we sat down with Willow Shields, who plays Katniss' younger...
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    Is 12 Years a Slave the new Diary of Anne Frank ?

    12 Years a Slave is nominated for a whopping 9 Academy Awards. We sat down with actor Rob Steinberg to find out what it was like...
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    Non-Stop 's Michelle Dockery on stress: "I can hold it together"

    We love her as Lady Mary Crawley on the addictive TV show Downton Abbey . Her latest role takes her into the unfriendly skies of...
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    INTERVIEW: Rob Minkoff was nervous to work with Stephen Colbert

    Some of you may have watched the cartoons as kids, but now this brainy dog and his boy are back to entertain a whole new generation...
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    Lifetime’s violence, murder, incest: Is this what women really want to watch?

    With characters like the murderous Lizzie Borden, a family tale of incest in Flowers in the Attic and now the new Facebook...
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    Pompeii has an alternate ending: What could it be?

    Pompeii star Emily Browning lets SheKnows in on a secret — her new film has an alternate ending. But who and what it entails is...
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    VIDEO: Does Kit Harington believe in love at first sight?

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    Kit Harington's on a mission for love in his latest film, Pompeii . The actor talks with SheKnows about romantic gestures both on-...
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    VIDEO: Kevin Hart's bloopers from About Last Night junket

    Funny guy Kevin Hart has us giggling with his silly witticisms and racy one-liners. Watch our video if you like to laugh.
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    VIDEO: Kevin Hart gets X-rated: Regina Hall's got some big boobs!

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    This remake of a classic dating comedy chronicles two couples from the bar to the bedroom. We sat down with Kevin Hart and Regina...