1. Relationships

    Can't stand your in-laws? Try these techniques

    Not everyone is blessed with the ideal in-laws. In some cases, you might even wish you could trade yours in entirely. If that sounds...
  2. Relationships

    Snarky comments for your not-so-nice mother-in-law

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    Your mother-in-law is a real b****. Welcome to the high percentage of other women who find themselves in the same post-matrimony...
  3. Relationships

    How to handle the mother-in-law from hell

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    We've all heard horror stories about mother-in-laws from hell, whose only goal seems to be striking fear in the hearts of anyone...
  4. Tips & Advice

    4 Tactics for handling parenting criticism from the in-laws

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    Love your in-laws but cannot stand all of the opinions they seem to offer up when it comes to your little ones? Unsolicited...
  5. Relationships

    Your relationship with your in-laws

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    Just because you've found the perfect husband doesn't mean he was raised by perfect parents. In fact, preferring elective surgery...
  6. Parenting

    My daughter-in-law has wacky rules

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    My daughter-in-law has come up with all these wacko rules regarding my grandson. I must vacuum my home twice prior to his arrival,...