1. Career Advice

    Signs you deserve a raise

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    You come to work early and stay late, take on extra projects without complaining and put your all into your assignments. Though you...
  2. Beauty News & Deals

    7 Smarter ways to shop for beauty products

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    Why spend more of your hard-earned money on looking gorgeous when you don't have to? Here's how to save on all your favorite beauty...
  3. Super Moms Guide: Money & Career

    The Money talk defined: Reasons to have it today

    Marriage is a partnership in every sense of the word. It's about love, loyalty, security and, yes, finances. For all married couples...
  4. Money and finance

    Start young: Teaching teens smart money handling

    It's never too soon to start educating your teens about proper money management! Our financial experts dish their best tips for...
  5. Budgeting & Saving

    Quick cash: 10 Creative ways to make money

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    Looking for a way to make some extra money on the side? Look no further — we have 10 unique and easy ways to make some extra cash!
  6. Crafts

    Create a piggy bank from a recycled water bottle

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    It's never too early to learn how to save money. Martha Stewart creates a fun way to get children involved in saving loose change...
  7. Marriage

    The 5 money personalities (and your marriage)

    Most, if not all, couples argue about money at some point, often on a regular basis. But where you spend and where you save doesn’t...
  8. Mom & Dad

    6 Ways to offset Social Security taxes

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    With increases in Social Security taxes this year, families are doing without an average of $20 per week in their pocket; but the...
  9. Money and finance

    Make the most out of your income tax return

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    Your long-awaited tax return is almost here and you've already thought of a million ways to spend that check. Before you cash it and...
  10. Money and finance

    How to file an extension for your taxes

    If you’re not going to make the April 15th deadline for filing your taxes, you can file an extension, which will push the due date...
  11. Money and finance

    How to prepare for tax day

    April 15th is deemed “tax day,” but hopefully you’ll have your taxes done much sooner than that. Before sitting down to file, make...
  12. Music

    Forbes names 5 wealthiest hip-hop stars

    It’s all about the Benjamins for Sean “Diddy” Combs. The 43-year-old rapper, actor, record producer, and hip-hop mogul topped this...
  13. Family spending

    Strange tax return rituals we love

    If you are planning on getting a refund this year you probably already have plans for how to spend it — maybe pay off the credit...
  14. Money and finance

    Top tax tips for the self-employed

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    Nobody likes tax time, and for the self-employed, it is even more of a nightmare. You have income from multiple sources, and you’re...
  15. Career & Money How-tos

    How to play the stock market like your latest beau

    Who knew the stock market could be related to men and dating? Take your knowledge of the dating playing field over to the world of...
  16. Mom & Dad

    Buy for your kids or yourself?

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    When you have some extra money, are you able to spend it on yourself? With the holidays approaching, that question can be harder to...
  17. Live Green

    Decorative money-saving ways to recycle this holiday season

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    Did you know that if everyone wrapped just three gifts in reused paper, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields?...
  18. Super Mom Tips

    Teaching children to manage their allowance

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    How do kids learn the basics of money management? Start with their allowance to teach them responsibility and budgeting!
  19. Super Moms Guide: Money & Career

    Raising an entrepreneur

    If your child is motivated by money or inspired to pursue new ideas, encourage that entrepreneurial spirit. You can take a number of...
  20. Super Moms Guide: Money & Career

    Common money mistakes parents make

    From figuring out how much you can spend each week to setting aside money to achieve long- and short-term savings goals, managing...