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  1. Super Moms Guide

    Real moms dish on how to choose fun activities for their daughters

    There are a million kid activities out there, so how do you know which one is right for your daughter? These real moms dish on how...
  2. Super Moms Guide

    Quiz: Which American Girl doll are you?

    It's a question as old as time: Which doll are you? With this quiz, both you and your daughter can finally discover your American...
  3. Super Moms Guide

    9 Ways to kick it with your little girl

    The days are long and the years are short, they say. Make the days pass quickly and the years pass sweetly with these nine fun...
  4. Super Moms Guide

    15 Jewelry crafts that you can do with your daughter

    Create some pretty fun with your daughter using one of these awesome jewelry crafts. With ideas for all age ranges, you're sure to...
  5. Family Fun

    Mommy and me date ideas for Mother’s Day

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    Make this Mother's Day special by having a date with just your kiddo and you. Bloggers share some of their favorite ways to make...
  6. Relationships

    How to become better friends with your mom

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    As much as we love our moms, it’s not always easy to see eye to eye, but maintaining a strong relationship with the woman who raised...
  7. Fashion & Style

    Mint green: Mom & daughter paired outfits

    Color-coordinated outfits for moms and their daughters can be super cute. Instead of dressing totally matchy-matchy, pick pieces...
  8. Fashion & Style

    Yellow: Mom & daughter paired outfits

    This season, color coordinate your clothes with your daughter by wearing cute paired outfits in beautiful shades of yellow. The...
  9. Fashion & Style

    Tangerine: Mom & daughter paired outfits

    Whether dressing up for a party or just hanging out with friends, it's a cute idea for moms and daughters to wear similar,...
  10. Fashion & Style

    Turquoise: Mom & daughter paired outfits

    Turquoise fashions make a bold statement, especially when partnered with your crisp, white pieces. Whether you and your daughter are...
  11. Family Fun

    Real moms share: My favorite activity with my daughter

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    Mothers and daughters share a special bond. Some mom and daughter duos nurture that bond with spa days, shopping sprees or movie...
  12. Family Fun

    Mom & daughter date night ideas for the summer

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    Spending time with your teenage daughter is important for a healthy relationship. Schedule a fun "date" and reconnect while having a...