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    SPOILERS: Mistresses ' Catherine Haena Kim on Karen's "crazy little sexcapade"

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    Mistresses ' Anna has only just started to show her stripes. Actress Catherine Haena Kim tells us things are going to get a lot...
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    Mistresses : What to expect in Season 2

    It's time to buy a fan, ladies. Season 2 of Mistresses is upping the drama, the stakes and, obviously, the sex. And we thought...
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    Mistresses recap: Season 1 goes out with a bang, literally

    We have a father! But it might not matter. After Savi is injured in a car accident, her fate — and the baby's — is unknown. Talk...
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    POLL: Which hunk makes you squeal on Mistresses ?

    Which Mistresses hunk makes you feel faint? We want to know the guy who won your heart, and the ones you hope will win the hearts...
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    Mistresses Season 1 finale spoilers

    From the looks of the new promo, every shocking, steamy moment thus far on Mistresses will pale in comparison to what's in store...
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    Mistresses recap: "Indecent Proposals"

    Savi's looking for company in all the wrong places. She is helpless without Harry who paid the bills, bought the groceries and fixed...
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    Top 10 things to know before Mistresses returns

    It will be two weeks before our Monday night helping of drama, sex and scandal returns on Mistresses . Now that The Bachelorette...
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    Mistresses recap: "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"

    It's an episode of secrets as Savi hides her pregnancy from her mother, who unexpectedly arrives in town. April hides Paul from...
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    Mistresses recap: "Ultimatum"

    No you didn't misread the above. It's him or the child. If the baby's his, then all is well in paradise. Because that's a healthy...
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    Mistresses recap: "All In"

    Move over Savi. That baby is yesterday's news as the other girls and their drama take center stage. Sam is stalking Karen and, oh...
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    Mistresses recap: "Payback"

    The can of worms is open on Mistresses , but the details about the paternity test are still sealed shut tightly just like Harry's...
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    Mistresses recap: "Decisions, Decisions"

    Savi is ordered by the doctor to lower her blood pressure or she risks the health of her baby. There's only one thing she can do,...
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    Mistresses recap: "A Kiss Is Just a Kiss?"

    While Savi's trying to determine the father of her child, April thinks the matter of paternity has been settled in her situation....
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    Mistresses recap: "Breaking and Entering"

    Savi may have gotten a positive sign, but it's a definite negative given that she isn't sure which of her men caused it.
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    Mistresses recap: "The Morning After"

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    Savi struggles to tell her husband about her one-night stand, but she does tell her friends. One doesn't take it so well.
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    Jes Macallan spills: What's ahead for the Mistresses

    Missing Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City ? Well, mourn, no more, because the Mistresses have arrived!
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    Mistresses recap: Meet the other women

    ABC's Mistresses is already stirring up controversy. Do you think it deserves an ongoing affair? Or is it a...
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    Alyssa Milano on Mistresses' makeout scenes: "Fun & awkward"

    We loved Alyssa Milano in Who's The Boss , Melrose Place , Charmed ... heck, we've loved in her everything she's done, so we...
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    Mistresses' Rochelle Aytes talks Season 1 & co-star Alyssa Milano

    ABC's newest series, Mistresses premieres Monday, June 3, but why should you tune in? We caught up with Rochelle Aytes to get that...
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    Alyssa Milano teases ABC's sexy Mistresses

    Forget Revenge and Scandal , ABC has its sights on another sultry drama. This summer, they'll premiere Mistresses , a primetime...