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    Tom Cruise names new Mission: Impossible 5 director

    Tom Cruise is returning to his old stomping ground — the Mission Impossible franchise. For his fifth outing, he's hired new blood...
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    Hollywood Heroes we expect to save the world on Dec. 21, 2012

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    In the spirit of Mayan predictions, we've compiled a team of heroes to help us survive the end of the world. Hey, if nothing else,...
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    Top 5 Redbox DVDs: Tom Cruise fights The Sitter

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    This week’s top five Redbox/DVD/Blu-ray releases are dominated by two ends of the Hollywood spectrum: The Sitter starring Jonah...
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    Box office bewitched with The Devil Inside at No. 1

    Audiences wanted frights this weekend as the low-budget film The Devil Inside took home the big bucks, leaving Tom Cruise No. 2 and...
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    Tom Cruise reigns box office king with No. 1 Mission Impossible

    Tom Cruise does it again. He manages to get people away from their big screen TVs during the cold holiday season to see him do the...
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    Merry Christmas, Tom Cruise, you're No. 1 at the box office

    Sequels ruled the roost this holiday season, bringing Yuletide joy to Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Jason Lee and many...
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    Movie review: Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol

    Tom Cruise goes rogue to accomplish the unthinkable in the action-packed spy thriller Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol. This...
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    Mission: Impossible's impressive midnight IMAX debut

    Tom Cruise is back on top! Thursday night, the actor's latest film Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol made its IMAX debut and...
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    Tom Cruise gets sassy in Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol

    Tom Cruise did all of his own stunts in Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol . He also did his own comedy, as you can see in a new...
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    Tom Cruise hints at Bollywood future

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    Tom Cruise told Indian reporters that he's willing to get his dance and singing on in a Bollywood film.
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    Tom Cruise brings backup in new Mission: Impossible poster

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    Ethan Hunt has gone rogue. In the latest poster for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol , Tom Cruise's alter ego has a serious...
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    The Dark Knight Rises prologue hitting theaters in December?

    The Dark Knight Rises is hitting theaters a lot earlier than expected. A segment from the comic blockbuster will debut in front of...