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    Miley Cyrus' self-proclaimed title: World's biggest feminist

    Miley Cyrus has been raising eyebrows for the past few months, but she says she's been doing it to show all women it's OK to be...
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    VIDEO: Sinéad O'Connor is still talking about Miley Cyrus

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    Sinéad O'Connor has nothing good to say about the music business — but does believe her beef with Miley Cyrus helped people...
  3. Music

    VIDEO: Lily Allen slams pop culture in "Hard Out There"

    Lily Allen has made a living off slamming pop culture, and this time she took on the state of the music industry.
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    Bye bye Eiza! Liam Hemsworth says he's single

    Liam Hemsworth was spotted with a new woman as soon as he and Miley broke up, but it looks like that relationship was short-lived....
  5. Music

    Download or Delete: Miley Cyrus covers "Summertime Sadness"

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    Is Miley Cyrus' cover of Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness" a true masterpiece... or just cool because it's Cyrus?
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    Miley Cyrus doesn't care how upset she makes you

    Miley Cyrus sparked a fresh wave of criticism when she lit up a joint on stage at the MTV EMAs and now she finally responds to the...
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    Miley Cyrus sparks a joint onstage at MTV EMAs

    She's at it again! Miley Cyrus brazenly lights up a joint onstage at the MTV European Music Awards. Let the headlines begin...
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    Celebs we'd like to send to space with Sir Richard Branson

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    With the news that NBC's Today show will cover Sir Richard Branson's historic first commercial flight into space, we couldn't help...
  9. Music

    5 Best song lyrics of 2013

    10 on Top MTV host Lenay Dunn takes a look back at 2013 and shares what she felt were the best song lyrics of the year.
  10. Music

    Miley Cyrus announces Bangerz tour dates

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    It's official: Miley Cyrus is touring in support of her new album Bangerz , and we have the dates!
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    Miley Cyrus shows off her new tattoo, dedicated to Mammie

    Miley Cyrus adds yet another tattoo to her extensive collection, this time to pay homage to her favorite person, her grandmother...
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    Dolly Parton wants Miley to "find her wings and learn to fly"

    Dolly Parton has known Miley Cyrus since she was born, and Parton may be one of the few people who just want Miley to go out and...
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    Miley Cyrus is moving in on Paris Hilton's ex

    It looks like Miley Cyrus has already moved on from her recent breakup. She was reportedly seen out on Halloween night getting very...
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    15 Miley Cyrus Halloween costume fails

    If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Miley Cyrus should be blushing right now. Seemingly everyone and their brother...
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    50 Most shocking celebrity tweets of 2013

    In the 17th century, duels were the public forum for duking it out. Today, we have Twitter. As the year comes to a close, we look...
  16. Fashion & Style

    Friday's Fashion Obsessions: Kristin Cavallari and Miley Cyrus

    Kristin Cavallari and Miley Cyrus' beautiful celebrity styles made us do a double take this week! We're telling you why in this...
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    Miley Cyrus dresses up as her old self for Halloween

    Did Miley Cyrus hint at missing her long hair? The singer posted a photo on Twitter where she's sporting a wig that makes her look...
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    Miley Cyrus: Society wants to shut me down

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    Miley Cyrus is like so punk rock, you guys, and if you like her you are a total rebel!
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    Spooky! Celebs dressed as other celebs for Halloween

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    What did your favorite star dress up as this pre-Halloween party weekend? Your other favorite stars! See who donned what...
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    Celeb nudity is the new norm: Good naked vs. bad naked

    Right now there is a rash of celebrity nudity, and while some may argue that there is no such thing as bad nudity, we respectfully...